We Pay Legendaries!

  • Sign up to enable Karma Points on every interaction done on AintViral.

    Level up by recieving points on creating posts, getting upvotes, submissions or by commenting on other posts.

    Get cash on each new post you create after reaching Level 5 aka Legendary Level. See rules and conditions below.
  • Points awarded For Creating Posts are:

    • Creating a Story - 100 Points
    • Creating a Quiz - 40 Points
    • Creating a Listicle - 20 Points
    • Creating a Meme - 8 Points
    • Creating an Image - 5 Points

    In Addition to this, you are awarded 5 Points for Each Submission you create, whether for your post (such as when creating Listicles) or even when you submit items to other posts.
  • Additionally, you are given 1 Point Each for every upvote you recieve from your fellow users on each post / submission / images.

    Only Exception to this rule is the upvotes given to you by the Admins of the site or by our selected range of Moderators for whom voting is mandatory.

    Do keep in mind that downvotes are counted as negative points towards your tally and any serious manipulation can result in permanent ban or deduction of points.
  • You are awarded 10 Karma Points for each comment you post on AintViral.

    The only thing we ask in return is that you should not abuse the system and go on mass posting of comments to earn Karma.

    Any user caught abusing comments karma will be Banned Permanently.
    • Don't upvote or comment for Karma sake. Do it if you like something, that way, the entire community benefits from your actions.
    • Avoid duplicate posts, we do have automatic triggers and if we see someone doing it on purpose, then we reserve the right to deduct points.
    • We reserve the right to block any user who abuses the system.
    • Respect copyright and don't just copy / paste stories to earn Karma.
    • Have fun and share your stories with the community.
    • Payment terms can be changed without notice.
    • The change in terms only apply to posts which are approved after the change.
    • We reserve the right to approve / reject / change the post.
    • Payments will only be made through PayPal and can take 30 Days to be credited.
    • You need to have a PayPal ID in your profile beforehand and retrorespective payments will not be entertained.
    • A banned user will forfiet all the payments.
    • Only eligible posts for payments are Stories, Listicles, Quizzes.
    • Some approved posts might not be eligible for payments and it is entirely on the discretion of Editors.
  • Required Points to level up - 100 Points.

    This level serves as a way for you to know the site well and get comfortable with the entire community.

    All you need is to create a story, a listicle or even a viral worthy picture to just get moving
  • Required Points to level up - 400 Points.

    This level usually helps you to understand how the community reacts to your stories and how to get them to do better.

    A semi-viral picture, or a couple of listcles or articles would usually bump you up from here.
  • Required Points to level up - 1500 Points.

    This is where it gets interesting, you will need to be appreciated by the other users to move up this level.

    It can take you a few posts or just an awesome viral story / listicle / image to move up from here.
  • Required Points to level up - 3000 Points.

    You are extremely close to what we call legendaries over here. At this level, you already have a fan base and we just want to know if the cult can be converted to a gang.

    Awesome story telling skills or a few worthy posts will get you to be among the Legends.
  • Congratualtions! You are among the few peeps who truly knows how to tell a story to the world. We respect that, so much so that we pay you once you reach this level.

    If you write something awesome at this point then you get $50 flat for it.

    AintViral is build on it's community and you have a special place in our heart for it. Do read the payment terms though :).
  • But wait! There's more, There is a rumored hypothetical Level 6 which might / might not be available once you grab 15000 Points.

    This God Like level might or might not bump your awards per post to $100, So keep on Posting awesome content and Thanks for being with us!