Never Talk Back To Your Elders Even If They Are Wrong Or Being Rude (4/5)

Ohh how the cops wish they were given as much respect as the cow or any elder gets in India!

It’s a very weird logic I tell you. They could be bashing you, insulting you, comparing you with every possible human being on this planet after knowing you for not more than 5 minutes and you are expected or rather forced to reply with a smile of gratitude because why not? Who doesn’t like to be insulted for mere existing?

*smiling through the tears*

Forget about saying anything even a slight change in your expression, and here comes your mom’s death stare. So, you just stand their drenched in the out-pours of insults and when you hope your parents will now back you up, you see them nodding their heads to all of the remarks thrown at you.

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