Cocaine in Products (4/6)

Cocaine was invented in 1860 at a German lab. It soon became popular as it was a cheap drug, which was addictive as hell. It is assumed that even the original coke used cocaine as an ingredient. Coca-Cola refutes this claim, yet keep their original recipe locked in a super secret vault.

You will be surprised to know that cocaine was not banned due to its ill-effects. Instead, it was a mass hysteria caused by a racial scare that forced the government to enact this law.

The fear which led to the ban was triggered by an insensitive journalist. He claimed that cocaine usage by ‘black’ people were making them insane, leading them to rape ‘white’ women. The article was picked up by several media outlets and it went viral. Keep in mind that going viral in those days meant 15 years or so. Soon after, the US government banned cocaine under the Harrison Narcotics Act.

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