CHINA – The Crying Custom (1/8)

This particular custom is prevalent among the Tujia people of China. In it, the bride should start crying almost a month before the wedding. And yes, it is an obligatory task!!! So, as the night falls, the bride walks inside a hall and weeps for an hour daily. Ten days later, her mother joins her in the crying. After another ten days, grandmother joins the mother daughter duo. Sisters and aunts, if any, have to join them  too.

According to the elderly people, every girl has to cry at the wedding. If a girl does not cry, she is looked upon as a  poor cultured one. The crying custom, usually, embarks the wedding celebrations. Infact, there are songs that are sung while crying for the marriage. We even came across some instances when the bride was beaten up by her mother for not crying at the wedding ceremony.

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