Stanley Hotel, Colorado, USA (6/7)

This hotel is for all those daredevils who want to explore the spookiest of places and swear by anything that nothing could ever scare them out of their wits. Listed in the National Register Of Historic Places, this hotel is famous for its old world charm. If you decide to stay in this hotel just keep few pointers in your mind. Firstly, as friendly and frank as you might be, do not greet everyone you do not know in the passage or go around and decide to join the kids in their games.

You also would want to avoid asking any questions about any kind of music you hear because there are heavy chances, that these would be some ghostly affairs. If you still want to go ahead and visit this place, then make sure you avoid room number 418. Considered as one of the most scariest hotel in the world, this place still attracts a lot of adventure and horror loving peeps.

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