Record for the most messages sent in a day (6/7)

Birthdays are undeniably the most celebrated time of anyone’s year. You get treated like it’s probably your last day on earth, “ask whatever you want to, it’s your birthday” do whatever you want, it’s your birthday”. But the most interesting and the exciting thing about birthdays, I guess, are the messages you get on your B-day. No kidding, I mean you get to decide who is your true friend and who you gotta move into your hit list based on that.

Justin did not have to worry about any such things. His fans celebrate his birthdays more grandly than they celebrate theirs. As a result, Justin broke the record of “most social media messages sent in 24 hours” on his 18th birthday. The only things I break on my birthdays are glasses and plates (if you get it, you get it). *deep sigh*

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