Justin owns more money than you could possibly imagine (5/7)

Bullying is something that could not just hurt people emotionally or maybe in the worst cases physically but it could also give them a scar that they will never be able to remove; a scar that will haunt them for the rest of their lives making them miserable and pathetic. Every kid goes through this in one way or the other, and Justin was no different.

He used to get bullied in school for always wearing the same shirt, basically for being poor. Well, the joke’s on bullies now, because he owns so much money that would take all those bullies their entire life to count. He is estimated to have a net worth of $265 million.  

Which is just $265 million dollars more than I have. *looks at the bank balance and sobs*.  Moral of the story is you should never treat anybody badly because you never know just when and how they might come out as rich, successful and hot. Just like our homeboy Bieber did.

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