Shaved his head for the sake of his friend (2/7)

Shaved his head for the sake of his friend (2/7)

We all love our friends right? I mean it’s a very special kinda bond that you share with your best friend, you literally feel like you have adopted a child of your own for you love them just so much. And we often times, do things to make them happy, to console them or maybe to protect them. But would you ever consider shaving your head for your friend, to support him/her through the thin times? Maybe yes or maybe not.

Justin Bieber however, shaved his head when he was a mere 12 years old because he did not want his friend who had cancer to feel lonely (this right here, is an awww moment). At the age of 12, I guess, I did not even understand the meaning of friendship and care, because I was too busy watching Pokémon (do not judge, you weren’t any different, I know). Anyway, seems like Justin was way ahead of his age with a heart so big.

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