Popeye started as a side character in a newspaper cartoon strip (6/6)

The spinach eating sailor is 89 years old now. It started way back on 17th January, 1929.

Popeye never started out as a main protagonist. Instead he was a side character posing as a sailor when he made his debut. The story was always about his (now) girlfriend Olive and her (then) boyfriend and the misadventures they did together. 

Olive only takes interest in Popeye later on. Olive was never into Popeye at first, they came together only when people started liking Popeye more… perhaps making her the very first gold digger to appear in a comic strip. 

Popeye The Sailor Man (17 January, 1929-Present)

The very first time Popeye ever appeared.

The early Popeye never got his powers from spinach but instead from a magical hen named Bernice who he rubbed on his hair! This seemed more legit to our older generation than eating spinach… think about that for a moment.

The character is out of copyright! That’s right anyone in the world can use Popeye as it’s outside copyright from 2009. Everyone except for the people in US, who still have to wait till 2025. This is due to the fact that Popeye’s author Elzie Crisler Segar work falls under “Work for Hire” rules as per U.S. copyright.

Popeye Started As A Side Character On A Newspaper Cartoon Strip

Keep on packing the punch!

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