The problem child of Disney – Donald Duck (5/6)

Donald Duck Angry

Donald Duck made his way to the silver screen and into our hearts on June 9, 1934.

Daisy wasn’t Donald’s first love!As unbelievable as it may sound, but Daisy as a character made way into Donald’s life after Donna Duck. Unlike Daisy, Donna wasn’t interested in Donald and would thwart his attempts to woo her. 

Donna was more like Donald Duck both in terms of design and character. She later returned in Donald’s life as his neighbor as a Mexican, making Daisy jealous.

Donald Duck – Don Donald (1937)

Don Donald, cartoon de Donald Duck, sorti en 1937. Disney – Tous droits réservés

Donald Duck has been used as a Protest Vote! Voters in countries like Finland and Sweden have voted for Donald Duck (not to be confused with the other Donald) as a form of protest in their parliamentary elections

He was won an OSCAR for the anti-Nazi 1943 animated short called Der Feuhrer’s Face, originally titled as Donald Duck in NutziLand. 

Donald Duck also had a twin sister named Dumbella. Also known as Thelma or Della. What happened to her is not quite clear. Though, according to Dutch cartoon purports, they explained her absence away by claiming that she has become an Astronaut!

The Problem Child Of Disney – Donald Duck

Wacky and the quackiest of all!

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