Andrei Chikatilo (4/10)

Nicknamed as The Butcher of Rostov and The Rostov Killer, Andrei was a Russian serial killer who killed 52 women and children from 1980’s to 90’s. He assaulted and mutilated his victims. In the beginning he just stabbed or strangled the victims, but later this turned into desiccation, as he found pleasure in removing the body parts such as eyes from his victims body. He also enjoyed biting and eating their bodies, truly making him a human butcher. A father of two and a former military man, he terrorized Russia as The Red Ripper, before being captured in 1992. When he was he captured, there was foul odour comming from his body. It was later found that he had human flesh in his digestive tract. He was executed in 1994 on Valentine’s Day.

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