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Gym Fails – You Are Doing It Wrong

It’s almost 2016 which means the gym will be filled with folks trying to make good of their new year’s resolution. We wondered whether these peeps actually mean business or are just there for the first few days. And were pleasantly surprised to find that most of them achieve what they came for. But! there are also some who are in dire need of a coach or at least someone to tell that they are doing it wrong… way wrong.


Like this unique stretch done by the lady!


 Or the girl who has taken the heels concept from Jurassic World into real life!


Or this guy who’s new year resolution looks like not bowing down to a girl…


Or this guy who has combined his workspace with gym!


Or maybe this girl who found out about her super flexibility!


Or like this girl who ended up inventing a new exercise!


Or maybe this guy who thinks gym as a magical eat all tablet!


Or those who come in gym just to be social!


Or this bro who forgot what being a bro means (or is that what it really means?)


Or this guy who “half” heartedly came to the gym (get it!?)


Or this guy who made a DIY music player when he forgot his iPhone


Or this guy who was more concerned for his image than his health (nice recovery though)


Or this guy who thinks gym and movie theatres are alike!


Or this guy who discovered the meaning of “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”


Or this guy tho decided to use his belly as a supporting machine!

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If these fails got you, then we recommend checking out these folks who just don’t give a damn!

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