Feminist vs Feminazi: The Woes Of A True Feminist

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for people to know the difference between Feminism and Feminazis. It is as important as cookie making companies to know the difference between a chocolate-chip cookie and a raisin one. We are all aware of the basic human tendency to ramble about things they  know absolutely nothing about , yaps till their tongue falls out ( I kinda exaggerated there, but you get the point right? ).

In wisdom of Garfield we trust

Feminism has a long and dark history, from the struggles of women all across the world for their basic human rights to feeling empowered and securing their own rights and freedom, women have suffered immensely and were treated unjustly for a very long time. It’s funny because how people see feminism nowadays, is by how they dress, the way they talk, and most importantly their temperament.

If you are funny and jolly, I’m sorry then, you cannot be a feminist because ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Feminists do not laugh….EVER! Prejudices against Feminists are a daily occurrence. “you do not look like a feminist”, “you do not talk like a feminist”, “ you shave your leg? You can not be a feminist” and the most amazing prejudice of them all, “all feminists are lesbians”. If you have used anyone of these, I’m judging you so hard right now. *death stare*

Sure, while we are at this, why not also rename food to equal rights.

OK, imagine there’s a person who thinks ice-creams are made of human gut (that’s one gross hypothesis, but bear with me) and as a result, he refuses to eat it and advises everyone else to do the same. He goes on telling people how it is made, how these “ice-cream eaters” behave after eating it and all that jazz. So, this Mr. or Ms. Know it all acts like, they did a PhD on it. Obviously, this person will look completely crazy to you. Now let me tell you, THIS is exactly how a person with 0 knowledge of Feminism sounds like when he / she tries to project it like they get it all.

So, what exactly is Feminism ?

Feminism calls for equal rights for BOTH males and females. It does not stand for granting more privileges to women over men or giving them more rights than men. However, it means to give them the rights that they deserve; equal rights to men and women in all fields. To simplify it even further, if there are 10 apples Feminism demands for them to be distributed equally among men and women, i.e., 5 to men and 5 to women. That’s was some elementary level example but unfortunately, this is how some people understand. *sigh*


Only women can be Feminists

This is as true as your last lie. Feminism means fighting to get equal rights as the other gender. It does not exclude men from the equation. It involves the participation of both females AND males .The term feminism has been overused or rather misused so much that if in a room of 10 people you declare yourself as a feminist, you will get at least 7-8 hard eye rolls. its time we should stop categorizing them who takes part in feminism.



Feminism v/s Feminazi

Feminazi or “radical feminism” stands completely in the contract of Feminism. It demands more not equal rights for women. It is often men-hating (OK so, when I say men-hating, I’m talking exclusively for Feminazis, thereby, excluding all those girls in their post break-up stage). One of the most frightening thing about Feminazis is that they work on the paths of complete bitterness and solidarity. They have always favored abortions. Their main task is to ensure as much abortion as possible, in order to ensure the emancipation of females from the males.

So, you now get how Feminazis and a person with the non existing PhD in Feminism differ. It is not about if you believe in Feminism or not, if you support it or not. It is  all about if even know what it actually means. I mean, we all have been in a situation where we act like we know it all when in truth we don’t have the faintest of idea about it, to avoid embarrassment. But some people take it to a whole another level. Nonetheless, human rights is our birth right and it should not be denied to anyone regardless of their gender.

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