Boeings have a secret compartment you don’t know about!

There are many astounding facts about Boeing and the planes they built which we rarely try to know about. For instance, a Boeing Dreamliner requires assembly of 2.3 million parts and the factory in which it’s built is more a city than an assembly plant.

But perhaps, the most interesting fact about the planes they have been building might have been hiding right under our noses and our uncomfortable travels. Yes! Boeings have a secret room built for crew members where they can rest and chill.

Not nearly as comfortable as the Photographer has made it seen

These tiny windowless rooms are a part of many Boeing planes though some of them are more comfortable than others. They are known among crew members as CRCs or Crew Rest Compartments. While tiny and windowless, they do come with certain amenities which differ from plane to plane.

The steps are hidden behind an inconspicuous door that’s usually near the cockpit. Usually, a code or key is needed to open it.

A small staircase in some planes lead to this room, the staircase is usually hidden behind a locked or a fake door. In other cases, these are hidden behind the cockpit area.

The amenities vary from plane to plane and some offer personal televisions for relaxation, though they are more of the size of iPad mini or less. Boeing 777 are the best when it comes to offering an exclusive area for the pilots to relax. Some planes also have a couple of business seats and / or a lavatory as well.

Wait a minute... If you are here, who's flying the plane!??

Wait a minute… If you are here, who’s flying the plane!??

Though they seem to be the campiest when it comes to offering the CRCs for the crew since it seems that you can’t even stand straight in the compartment. In the words of a British Airways flight attendant –

On the Boeing 747s it is all bunk beds and on the 777 it feels like you are in a coffin.

Staff are pictured chatting and relaxing with magazines and refreshments inside the Crew Rest Compartments on a Boeing 777

It makes perfect sense to have a resting area for the crew and the pilots, especially on a long flight. Yet,  it’s something which we rarely think about. Perhaps, on the next flight… I will keep an eye out on where the attendant heads to when it’s sleep time.

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