9 Weird Things Sent Through The Postal Service

We get annoyed by the junk mail which comes in our mailbox, but these peeps got mails which is beyond anyone’s imagination. Below are the 9 weird things which people received via their postmen.


Their grandkid!

We can’t stress on this more, there were just some things in 1900’s which were way cooler than it is now. And one of them was mailing your kid (via a friendly postman).

When the parcel postal service debuted in US in 1913, the postmen had no idea that with it will come a flurry of people who would want to “mail” their kids, if only to their grandparents. Few even went on to pay as much as $50 to insure their children!

The instance which banned the human mail was the case of May Pierstorff. Pierstorff, just short of her 6th birthday was mailed to her grandparents house, which was 73 miles across, leading to great concerns. This forced the then postmaster general to issue directions against carrying human via mail. Regardless of the ban, the practice continued for an additional year before vanishing out of existence.


Hate Mail! (for “over”posting on Facebook)

The Australian, Jade Ruthven had no idea that the constant updates of her newborn on her own Facebook account would lead to hate mail in her mailbox. Ruthven, 33, was excited about being a new mother and decided to share each little moment of her baby on Facebook… only to be heartbroken when she received a distasteful letter from her friends in real life.

However, Ruthven, not the one of to be bullied down decided to share the letter across. And got a lot of support from strangers, which we expected was the actual job of her “friends” to begin with.


Pink Panties!

A right-wing moral policing organization decided to attack single girls and unmarried couples on Valentine’s day in India, their reason – the girls were dressed provocatively.

The fringe group had no idea of the trouble their actions would cause them. As the girls from around the country united and started sending them pink panties. Soon, the majority of the people who were annoyed with them joined in and it became a pan-India movement.

The group has so far received more than 50,000 pink colored panties in their mailbox. And hasn’t surfaced in 2 years with any moral policing act, presumably because they are busy inventing a time machine to go back to the age where they actually belong!


Million dollar diamond!

Hope diamond is one the oldest diamonds with an estimated value of around $200-250 million. When Harry Winston, the famous New York Jeweler, decided to donate the diamond to a museum in Washington in 1958. The people had no idea that he was planning to just nonchalantly send it via postal service.

When asked, he told a newspaper saying that mailing precious stones and gems worldwide is the safest practice because of the insurance, safety and cheap transportation facility. And he was right, as the mailing of the Hope diamond costed him a meagre $2.44, along with $142 as insurance for diamond that was worth millions.


Human body part!

Canadian citizens are allowed to send free mails to their politicians. While this has increased awareness among politicians over how their citizens are feeling about them, it has also bought the additional burden of them going through some of the bizarre items anybody can ever receive through their mails.

However, nothing could have prepared the Conservative party of Canada for the shock… when they received a human foot in their mail by the same anonymous service. Meanwhile, a human hand from the same body was recovered at the Ottawa Postal Terminal. Clearly, even murderers trust the postal service in Canada!


Deadly snake!

This comes from Arkansas, and probably adds a new meaning to the phrase “preach what you practice.”

When a former judge and his son got into a long time quarrel with their neighbor’s wife, they though the only way to get back to her was to mail her a venomous copperhead snake. The package was delivered to the neighbor’s wife, but thankfully, the snake just decided to run for his life instead of attacking the victim.

The woman called the cops who shot the snake dead and traced the address back to the father and son. They pled guilty to the crime though the proceedings were delayed as they were on illegal drugs (the snake logic kinda makes sense now!). They were sentenced to two years in Prison for their misdeed.


Cow dung and dog poop!

A 12th grader in Berlin was so annoyed with the Vice-Principal, Mark Flynn of his college, that he kept sending him cow dung and dog poop. The juvenile who has not been named by the police used the postal service to deliver the fecal matter. After the Vice-Principal received the shady package for the third time, he decided to not give a damn and informed the postal service instead.

The postal service inspector waited for another package from the teen, and noted down his license plate when he came in for the fourth time. The teen pled guilty to sending the packages but didn’t disclose a reason. However, the lot of alcohol discovered from the kid’s car might have pointed them in the right direction.

Just an advise to the kid, there are a lot of startups that will take your anger out on anybody… anonymously, so next time… just google.


Entire bank building!

Everybody thinks that entrepreneurship has its root in the 21st century, but this instance will make you think otherwise.

William H. Coltharp, a businessman and entrepreneur, was building a bank in the city of Vernal, US and had to get the bricks for construction from the Salt City. Knowing the costly affair from hiring trucks, he figured out the cheapest way of getting all the bricks across… by using the postal service.

At that time, the postal service had a limit of 50 lbs per package (and not how many packages per person), which Coltharp used to his advantage. Entire 80,000 bricks were neatly divided and packaged to weigh just under 50 lbs, all 40 crates of them.

Surprisingly, the postal service complied and delivered the order. Though the postmaster general quickly slapped a rule of 200 lbs per day for every person to counter copy cats, stating, “it is not the intent of the United States Postal Service that buildings be shipped through the mail.”


Full grown human!

This one takes the first spot and rightly so. While people have used the postal service to mail weird things, the same postal service is also responsible for giving Henry “Box” Brown, his freedom from slavery.

Brown was born enslaved in a Virginia plantation in 1815. With no other option in life, he continued to be the slave until 1848, when his wife and kids were sold to a plantation in North Carolina. Tired and sick of the constant cruelty, he decided to escape to Philadelphia, where the slavery had been abolished.

To achieve this, he contacted his “white” friend, who helped him escape by mailing the package (in which he was hidden) to Philadelphia. The box was labelled as “dry goods” and Brown managed to keep himself calm and avoid getting caught for the entire 27 hours of the journey.

Brown started his life as a free man, and even became a stage performer cum magician. Performing his out of the box trick several times to inspire others, before becoming an activist himself.

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