9 People With Abilities Even Heroes Reborn Can’t Match

Would you believe that there are individuals with special abilities like in Heroes Reborn? Here are some of the truly gifted and ‘real’ persons who are indeed ordinary people, yet have extraordinary abilities.


The Man whose Muscles Heal Rapidly

Heroes Reborn - Dean Karnazes muscles repair themselves just like Claire Bennet
Claire Bennet of Heroes (Right) had the ability to heal herself.

Dean Karnazes can run for days and nights without it taking a toll on his body. The only time he rests is when he feels sleepy. Doctors have found that his body can heal muscles rapidly. Specifically, the toxic build up which usually occurs during a normal human’s muscle wear and tear is absent from his body.

Karnazes’s body knows no limit, he had run in extreme temperatures, long distances (over 100 miles) and has even covered the entire US in 50 days yet he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.



The Girl with X-Ray Vision

Heroes Reborn - Natasha Demkina discovered her x-ray vision at the age of 10, an ability very close to Luke Campbell microwave emission
Luke Campbell of Heroes (Right) has the ability to emit microwave blasts.

Natasha Demkina from Russia can see through people clothes… just like the TSA sees us through full body scanners. She discovered her ability at age 10 when she claimed of see inside her mother’s body. According to her, she has two visions and can switch between them at will.

Various studies have been conducted on her and the chances of her results to be completely made up, yet be accurate is 1 in 50.



The Guy who Remembers Everything

Heroes Reborn - Stephen Wiltshire can remember and draw anything from memory just like Charlie Andrews
Charlie Andrews of Heroes (Right) has the ability to remember everything.

Stephen Wiltshire is one-of-a-kind landscape artist who has drawn exact cityscapes of major cities including Tokyo, New York, Rome, etc just from his memory. All it takes is a single helicopter ride for him to get the minute details of the city spot on, including windows of each building!

Wiltshire is autistic and credits his disability for the development of his talent, as he had to rely on drawing to communicate in his early age.



Monks who Increase their Temperature at Will

Heroes Reborn - Tibetian monks can raise their body temperature by many degrees just like Mrs. Comey
Mrs. Comey of Heroes (Right) had the ability to raise the temperature of her body parts.

Many Tibetan Monks have the ability to raise their body temperature by several degrees. These monks are able to produce steam from the chilled, wet wrapping placed over them in a controlled environment, as documented by Harvard.

During the study, it was found that they could raise the temperature of their fingers and toes by as much as 17 degrees just by meditation. It is believed that monks developed this technique, hundreds of years ago to overcome the cold of the Himalayas, where they meditated.



The Girl who can See Everything

Heroes Reborn - Veronica Seider can identify people standing a mile away, close enough to be like Molly Walker
Molly Walker of Heroes (Right) has the ability to observe people who are not in her direct presence.

The German Veronica Seider can identify people from more than a mile away just by her eyes. Her amazing ability is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is believed that she has an eyesight which is 20 times more powerful from other human beings.

She cannot watch TV as she sees the constituent colors that create images in television sets, which we think is God’s way of ensuring that she retains her powerful vision.



The Man who can Read Minds

Heroes Reborn - Lior Suchard can read people's mind just like Matt Parkman
Matt Parkman of Heroes (Right) has the ability to read people’s thoughts.

Lior Suchard has the ability to read your mind or at least guide you in ways which you never thought could be possible. He claims to have discovered his skills at the age of 7 while practicing it on his brothers.

Gifted or not, he hasn’t got a single stage show wrong and has been featured in Jay Leno’s Tonight Show several times. He even read Kim’s mind before meeting her… the video should explain this sentence better.



The Boy who could hear Everything

Heroes Reborn - Ben Underwood could hear everything just like Dale Smither
Dale Smither of Heroes (Right) had the ability to hear everything, even the heart beat of a person.

Ben Underwood, a 16-year-old teenager was able to skate, run through hoops, and even chased a bully once who thought he is picking up on Underwood, thinking he is a blind kid. Yes, Ben was blind and yet was able to lead a normal teenager’s life. He did this by producing clicks from his teeth and listening to their echo to locate objects, just as bats and dolphins do.

Sadly, Underwood passed away in 2009 due to cancer. The same cancer was responsible for taking away his eye-sight in the first place. This daredevil of a kid would always be a hero in teaching us that you can overcome any obstacle.

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The Man who doesn’t Feel Cold

Heroes Reborn - Wim Hof doesn't feel cold just like Tracy Strauss
Tracy Strauss of Heroes (Right) has the ability to freeze everything… her body doesn’t react to cold.

Wim Hof isn’t affected by cold or hypothermia. Unlike us, he can stay immersed in Ice or walk barefoot without his body reacting to the cold. He credits his body power to his control over his mind and immune system, stating that he can turn the ability on or off like a thermostat.

We are not making this up… He has been tested on various TV shows where he remained submerged in Ice for over 90 minutes, yet the heat sensors didn’t pick up any change in his body temperatures.



The Man who sees Everything in Slow-Mo

Heroes Reborn Isao Machii can see in slow mo just like Hero Nakamura
Hiro Nakamura of Heroes (Right) has the ability to slow down and fast forward time.

Growing up, we all would imagine slicing through a bullet by using a sword just like in the movies. For Machii, this is not a dream. He has mastered Samurai skills and can draw the sword in a blink of an eye.

A University in California has stated that Machii’s mind processes the information at an entirely different level. He can see where the object would be before the object reaches there, making him truly an evolved human. There’s no better way to end the article than to show the Japanese Katana getting used in real life.

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Heroes Reborn starts today and we hope it becomes the first of many seasons to come by.

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