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9 Creative Punishments From Around The World

Shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime? That’s exactly what these judges thought when they doled out these creative punishments for these offenders. Below are the sane and yet insane rulings by the judges which challenges our legal system and tells us that there’s more than one way (if not a hundred) to skin a cat / criminal.


Banned from visiting restaurants

A broke film director, Janis Nords, and his girlfriend got into the habit of eating at expensive restaurants in London without paying for the food. Nords, a serial offender, managed to pile up more than thousand pounds in unpaid hotel bills as he kept running away after finishing his food, often excusing himself with the reason of popping outside for a smoke.

However, his luck ran out when he was caught by four waiters who chased him down and filed a police complaint. The judge ordered him to pay the fine with the pending bills, and then banned him from visiting Central London and its restaurants where the élite usually dine.


Lady gets horse food for animal abuse

Melissa Dawn Sweeney, 28 from Texas, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for mistreating her horses. She had left her horses outside her mobile home without shelter or food, for a period of four months. She cited being too lazy as the reason to not attend to those poor majestic creatures.

The judge was horrified by her lack of regret and ordered her jail cell to be wallpapered by pictures of famished horses. The judge then ordered that she be served only bread and water for three days of her sentence and remarked that even then “She’s going to get more than her horses.”


Crazy Judge sentences entire courtroom

This one is not as much about as the punishment fitting the crime as the ego of the judge. A US judge sentenced 46 people of her courtroom to jail which was swiftly overturned but not before people were sent to jail.

Robert Restaino, the judge was infuriated by the ringing of someone’s phone inside her court. She asked the person responsible to come forward but when nobody stepped out, she in her rage decided to sentence the entire courtroom to jail.

All of the defendants were arrested, and when fourteen of them couldn’t raise money for the bail, they were sent to the county jail. Out of the box punishment… yes, required… hell no! Thankfully, she was soon removed from the bench after giving the verdict.


Thieves ordered to wear confession sign every weekend

Daniel Mireles and his wife were sentenced to wearing the above sign and walking on busy junctions on weekends for 6 years. The couple from Texas had figured out an exploit in the ‘Victims of Crimes’ fund and had been using it to go on luxury vacations, concerts and nights out. It’s estimated that they scammed $250k from the fund before getting caught.

Kevin Fine, the judge who is famous for doling out unorthodox sentences, presided over their case. The couple was liable for long-term jail, but instead the judge got creative. Fine sentenced the couple to spend a month each year for a period of six years in jail, he also made it mandatory for the couple to put up a sign outside their house, stating what they did.

The final nail in the coffin / punishment is the already described walk of shame, which the couple has to do for 5 hours on every weekend making them the most hated people around that junction.


Rap fan sentenced to listen to classical music

Andrew Vactor was a huge fan of rap music and was fined for listening to it on his car stereo with the volume turned to the lets-go-deaf level. The judge, who was not amused by Vactor’s love for rap, asked him to pay $150 fine. And then proceeded to give him the option of just paying one-fifth of the fine… if he agrees to listen to classical music for 20 hours consisting of compositions by Beethoven, Bach, Chaplin and the like.

Vactor, sensing it to be easy enough, opted for classical music, only to pay the fine in full after listening to it for 15 minutes. We assume Vactor got himself some headphones after the ordeal, and immediately rushed to tweet to Eminem and Jay-Z, asking for their forgiveness, for the sin of listening to music where the beat just doesn’t drop.


Bully girl gets the same treatment

A couple of 13-year-old girls bullied a 3-year-old by cutting several inches of her hair at McDonald’s. Kaytlen Lopan, the bully, and her friend, first asked the staff of McDonald’s to give them a scissor, and when they refused, these girls went to the extent of going to the dollar store to get some.

When the little girl’s mother got to know about her ordeal, she went to the court where the judge, Scott Johansen, was also appalled by the bullying teenagers. The judge awarded the bullies 30 days in detention and 276 hours of community service.

But then, in a stroke of brilliance, offered the teenagers a lesser sentence if their mothers would agree to cut their hair in front of the court just like what these teens did to their victim… the moms obliged!

If you think that this was a great comeback story then you also need to read our article on bully stories with great comebacks.


Banned from the Internet

Jason Wills, 31 ‘thought’ he was playing a prank on his neighbor when he posted sexual ads under her name on Craigslist. This lead to a pile of problems for his neighbor, Dawn, who started getting a lot of visits from men referring to those ads. It was a bit too much for her to handle when one stranger visited her house in just a trench coat.

Dawn filed a police complaint and they traced the origin of ads back to Wills. The judge, not finding the ordeal ‘amusing,’ banned Jason from the Internet. It’s probably for the best, as the number of trolls Jason would have after this judgment would probably be a bit too much for him to handle.


Banned from visiting libraries

Quick… what do you do when you go to a public library? If your answer was masturbation then probably you are Tyree Carter, a 20-year-old kid who was found pleasing himself in a public library. Carter didn’t even try to conceal his act and was doing it openly, according to a witness.

Though Carter later apologized for the incident, he was charged with a misdemeanor. The judge, sensing that there might be some 50 shades of grey fetish going around over here, asked him to post a bond of $1,000 and banned him from entering any library of the world till the case was decided.


Judge orders man to dress ‘fabulously’

When two drunk friends in Ohio were caught ransacking the city and throwing beer bottles on a car, they didn’t expect the judgement to involve more than a petty fine. However, they were proved wrong by the judge, David Hostetler.

The judge in an innovative judgement asked the offenders, Jason Housholder and John Stockum, to either do 60 days in jail or an hour-long walk down Main Street wearing dresses, make-up and wigs. The young adults were left with little choice and they had to show off their ‘pretty side’ in front of a street full of people.

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