9 Amazing Prisons Which Are Better Than Your Neighbourhood’s Motel

These amazing prisons are better than the homes of many in the developing countries. Take a look at them and decide if they are better than your neighborhood motel as well. Psssst… we think they are!


Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand

Amazing Prisons - Otago Prison in New Zealand

Often dubbed as ‘Milton Hilton,’ Otago corrections facility offers underfloor heating, flatscreen televisions, gymnasium and many other facilities. Inmates at OCF are often quoted as saying that the facility has improved them… We agree, as vacation improves everybody!


Justice Center Leoben, Austria

You would have to be lucky enough to land up in this prison, as it’s mostly remains full. This amazing prison is like a 5 star hotel with facilities like indoor gym, clean rooms, library and every cell fitted with a television set!


HMP Addiewell, Scotland

Amazing Prisons - HMP Addiewell in Scotland

HMP Addiewell is managed by Sodexo services. The facility is often termed as a ‘learning’ prison, where inmates work 40-hours a week. They are provided various vocational courses from Sciences to Arts, and even have Playstations to relax and recreate. Now, why would they name this a prison and not a college!


Aranjuez Prison, Spain

This unique prison allows convicts to have their children live with them, till the age of 3. The facility has walls with Disney characters and has a playground for kids.


Pennsylvania Correction Facility, US

Pennsylvania corrections facility in partnership with Leash on life, provides a prison-dog training program for the inmates. The vulnerable dogs are given to inmates for a period of 12-weeks, which not only helps the dogs but inmates as well, as they get love and motivation to carry forward… along with a degree in dog care.


Her Majesty’s Prison Send, UK

HM Prison Send is an all-women prison. It provides various training courses on beauty to its inmates, and can even provide college courses. It even has a salon where girls can get treated! Because those nails are a crime to humanity… and needs correction before the inmate herself.


Santa Ana of Los Angeles, US

Some Californian jails allow you to upgrade your cell and are more like a club with restricted entry than prison. If you are in for minor violations, and are loaded / famous then you can upgrade your cells like a hotel’s room. For an upward of $82, you can get a cell phone, laptop and even three hot meals by your family.

The entry is on the sole discretion of the authorities over there, like bouncers of the club. Those who say money can’t buy everything, should probably look at these prisons.


Finland’s open prison

Amazing Prisons - Finland Open Prison

There are no locks, bars or even uniforms at Finland’s open prison. All the inmates work in a greenhouse potting seedlings. They are even paid $8/hour, which is more than minimum wage in most of the countries. The prison doesn’t even have guards and you can walk out! Though no one does, as getting caught means you going back to regular prison.

It seems that Finland has found out the correct way to convert people, as 80% of the people in these prisons never commit another crime.


Bastoy Prison, Norway

The man in the picture above is not on vacation. He is a convict (for rape / murder) serving time at the Bastoy prison in Norway, the first “human ecological prison.” Located on the Bastoy island, the prison does not have cells but small houses. The inmates are part of a small village and have the most freedom possible in a prison, they just have to live alone. So, we think we got it wrong, the man in the picture is on vacation sponsored by the state!

Maybe, if all the prisons were like this, there would be less prison escapes. Till then, check these insane prison escapes out!

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