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8 Ways ‘9/11’ Has Impacted Our Life And The Way We Fly

9/11 was probably the worst day in US history. The aftermath of it caused our country to change forever, and most of the change happened to our aviation industry. We have scooped out a list of the 8 biggest ways by which this incident has impacted our lives.


Walking In and Out of the Airport

Before 9/11, you could simply walk to the flight gate to pickup relatives and friends… the best part was that you did not need to purchase any tickets or carry any ID to do so. You just had to go through the metal detector while an X-Ray machine would scan your items. Now you have to just wait for your friends or family to come out.


TSA started charging September 11th Fees

Every Air Transport that originates in the US now carries a September 11th Security Fee. TSA includes this in your ticket and the fee is currently $5.60 for a one-way trip, however, if you have a stop over of more than 4 hours then you have to pay double of that fee.

TSA was forced to do this from November 2001 as the security costs sky rocketed. They were even allowed to charge the airline for the security cost of screening baggage and passengers till November 2014, but that has since been repealed.


Aviation Industry was about to shutdown

On 17th Sep, 2001, insurers for airlines gave them a seven day notice period after which they threatened to cancel the War Risk Insurance. Cancellations didn’t happen but the average cost of insurance went up from $850 million to $2 billion per year.

This was due to the fact that Insurance companies had to pay around $40 billion for the gruesome terrorist attacks and is one of the most important reasons why flights now charge baggage fees or the hated seat selection fees.


Considerable rise in Car Accidents

It may seem bizarre that 9/11 would have an impact on the accidents happening on the road but numbers and studies make up a strong case. For instance, the number of vehicle deaths rose by 1% or an increase of almost a 1,000 people in the year that followed.

It has been found in all the 50 states that people drive more after the terrorist attack leading to a huge increase in number of people traveling by road. This leads to increased taxation on the road system and thus increases the number of car accidents.


Reinforced Cockpit Doors

Almost all the flights now come with reinforced bulletproof doors. Only pilots or co-pilots can open this and it cannot be opened from the outside. Pilots now also have the capability of keeping the door in a locked position even if the emergency code is triggered.

The door control toggle switch has three positions: unlock, normal and lock. There is also an escape panel in the cockpit now which is located at the lower part of the cockpit door.


Scanners were developed which can see you Naked

9/11 Full body scanners

Full body scanners can even see you naked depending on the wavelength the operator is using. They can detect metal or even non metallic substance, so there is no escaping them. They started getting developed after the attack and were rolled out in the majority of airports by 2007.

The misuse of full body scanners by TSA employees to the extent of taking nude pictures of a female has sparked fresh protest over privacy violation.


NSA started tracking Passenger’s Social Media and Activities

Have you seen the deleted scene of Monica and Chandler getting detained at the Airport when they joked about the bomb? Turns out that does happen from time to time as the airlines have started treating each comment literally.

Take for example, Sarah, a 14 year old who jokingly tweeted that she was part of the Al-Qaida and plans to do something really big and was arrested within few hours. There are many cases every year when teenagers or ignorant people would joke on this sensitive topic and end up getting arrested.


Entire World Economy was Halted

The indirect impact of the attack was felt by everyone on the globe. NYSE delayed their opening by an hour when the first plane hit and they cancelled all trading when the second attack took place. After the second attack all the major banks and financial institutions were evacuated on Wall Street and in all the major cities of the US.

Other stock exchanges around the world along with the London Stock Exchange also closed down and the Federal Reserve added the liquidity of $100 billion to the economy for the next three days to support the financial backbone of our country which made sure that we didn’t collapse due to mass hysteria.

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