8 Unlucky People In This World To Make You Believe in Destiny

There are people for whom everything just works. And then, there are those who always end up in the wrong place or time, as if fate has decided to go the extra mile to punish them. The unlucky people below were handpicked by destiny to have practical jokes played on them.


The man who was struck by lightning 7 times

Unlucky People - Roy Sullivan had lightning strikes seven times on him
Roy Sullivan standing with his hat, having holes from lightning strike.

A park ranger in Virgina, Roy Sullivan, had been hit by lightning seven times. No matter where he went, lightning followed. The lightning’s love affair with Sullivan started when he was 30 and has continued since.

He had been stuck in front of his yard, while driving a truck and even at the park where he worked. Which is one way to put that lightning has been a serial stalker when it comes to him. After the seventh strike, Sullivan started carrying his hat (which had burn holes) in his truck, perhaps to confuse the lightning to strike the hat instead of him.

Sullivan survived all the impacts, but it didn’t come easy, as he was left with a lot of burn marks on his body. He has also been named in the Guinness Book of Records.


The man who was fired for doing a good deed

Unlucky People - Paul Marshallsea saved kids but got fired from his job
Paul Marshallsea holding the termination letter from his employer.

Paul Marshallsea, 62, and his wife took a vacation to Australia to cope up with the stress they were facing at work. Little did they realize that this vacation of theirs would make Paul a global hero and leave them jobless at the same time.

During the vacation, when the couple was relaxing on the beach, Paul saw a shark approaching a group of playful kids in the water. Without hesitation or fearing for his life, he jumped into the water and wrestled the shark until the kids reached dry land. A local channel noticed Paul’s heroic act and captured the entire incident, which shortly went viral around the world.

However, the good deed came back to bite the couple when they returned home to find out that they were both fired from their job. The organization felt that the sick leave, even though taken because of stress didn’t mean that the couple could go on a vacation. Since they worked in the same firm, the exact rules applied to the wife as well… proving that no good can come from visiting Australia.


The women hated (or loved) by hurricanes

Unlucky People - Melanie Martinez has lost 5 houses to hurricane
Melanie Martinez has lost 5 homes to hurricanes.

Melanie Martinez, a bus driver from Louisiana is often dubbed as America’s unluckiest lady. Nature seems to have a score to settle with her.

Martinez is the only woman who has witnessed her home getting destroyed by hurricanes… multiple times! Making her the first person to become homeless by “many” acts of God. Her streak of getting financially and emotionally destroyed by hurricanes started with Hurricane Betsy (1965), and continued with Juan (1985), George (1998) and Katrina (2005).

When the show “Hideous Houses” heard her story, they decided to remodel her house. If only to symbolize that her run with misfortune has ended… only to have Hurricane Isaac destroy it in 2012!


The man who won the lottery… and lost everything

Unlucky People - William Post won $16 million in lottery but lost life
William Post won $16 million in lottery, but ended up with $1 million debt.

William Post had just $2.46 in his bank when he won $16 million in lottery. Overjoyed with the change of luck, he thought his day to day struggle had ended… only to find out that they had just taken a turn for the worse.

Soon after, he was sued by the landlady for not splitting the lottery (as he had promised) and got one-third of the money. His brother hired a hitman to take him and his wife out, in an attempt to have a claim on his jackpot. He was constantly pestered by family for gifts and succumbed to their will many a times. And finally ended up in a debt of $1 million when he used a shotgun on his wife’s car.

William once again found himself broke and living on food stamps. It was worse than before, as he no longer had any family support to share the grief. Nowadays, he is often quoted as saying, ‘I was much happier when I was broke.’


The (other) unknown co-founder of Apple who sold his shares for $800

Unlucky People - Ron Wayne sold his Apple shares for $800, which is now worth $35 billion
Ron Wayne sold his Apple shares for $800 in 1976, now worth around $35 billion.

Not many know that Apple was co-founded by three people, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. Ron Wayne, 42 at the time, was there to provide experience to young Jobs and Wozniak. He is often attributed with the design of Apple’s original logo.

However, like many others, he found it very difficult to work with Jobs and opted to get out of the company by selling his stakes for $800. The mistake has cost him over $35 billion to date. Though Wayne claims that he doesn’t regret the decision, but it has got to sting. Especially, around the time Apple comes out with a product, which becomes a global success.


The unluckiest luckiest girl

Unlucky People - Violet Jessop was on three ships which got wrecked
Violet Jessop was on three ships (Olympic, Titanic and Britannia) which got wrecked.

Violet Jessop worked as a steward and a nurse at many high profile ships like the Olympic, Titanic and Britannia. The only two things common in all these ocean liners are 1) All of them had major accidents and 2) Jessop was on active duty when they took place.

While the accident of Olympic did not cause any deaths, the sinking of Titanic and Britannia did. She survived all three occasions and thus earned the nickname of the “Unluckiest” luckiest girl.


The sole man in the village who didn’t opt for the winning lottery pool

Unlucky People - Costis Mitsotakis was the only one to not buy lottery
Costis Mitsotakis was the only one not to buy the winning lottery ticket. All the other from his village won the lottery.

We often choose to pool in the money with friends and buy the lottery as a group, especially when the prize money is in the high millions. Apparently, nobody taught this valuable lesson to Costis Mitsotakis. The poor guy (quite literally) forgot to contribute his share of money to the village’s lottery pool. The exact pool which won the entire village over 600 million pounds.

To put it in context, each person of the village got $130k for contributing just over $6. To add to his burn, the entire village broke out with an impromptu conga when the winning number was announced… Ouch!

Unlucky People - Spanish village doing conga after winning the lottery
Spanish village doing conga after winning mega-jackpot.

The world’s unluckiest couple who just can’t catch a break

Unlucky People - Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence have terrorist attacks where they go
Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence were in New York, London and Mumbai during the terrorist attacks on the city.

Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence are British nationals who are just unable to avoid tragic events whenever they take their vacation.

They were on vacation in New York when the gruesome 9/11 attack took place. Shocked but unharmed, they choose to take another vacation after three years. This time they picked their country’s capital, London in 2005, and found themselves witnessing underground bombings.

Scratching that off as some weird occurrence, they then decided to visit Mumbai, India in 2008. During their trip, the city faced the worst terrorist attack. There are also rumors of the couple being in Thailand when it was hit with Tsunami. And going by the pattern, we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s confirmed as well.

And we thought that we had it bad? However, change your mood and check out these close calls GIFs of the luckiest people in this world.

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