8 Unbelievable Stories of Jealous Lovers Doing Insane Things

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Sometimes your partner might be angry and you might end up having a fight. Maybe your phone thrown or your tool chopped off. Okay, the last one is off limits for most peeps but these jealous lovers just didn’t know the difference. We bring to you the best of the crazies below.


Women burns ex-boyfriend’s house down

Kaelyn, 26, burned down her ex-boyfriend Brian’s front door. Apparently, the couple had an aggressive breakup and when the girl went to the boy’s house to get closure, she was greeted with a handgun. As expected, anyone who greets you with a gun will probably not want to get back together.

The ex-couple ended up having a big fight and when the girl was leaving with all her stuff, the boy allegedly threw a shoe at her which was somehow more insulting than having you at gunpoint. This led Kaelyn to use the gas from her lighter and her cigarette to put the door on fire. We would like to imagine her doing this exactly as it’s done in the movies.


Man jealous of ex-wife’s vibrator

Triston Horner, a 36 year old man from Florida, broke his ex-wife’s vibrator as he thought she was cheating on him every time she used her sex toy.

Triston is believed to have an extensive history of domestic battery. He went into this jealous rage against the machine as it was giving everlasting pleasure to his ex-wife, without demanding anything other than couple of AA batteries.


Guy makes his girlfriend fat

This boyfriend asks his girlfriend to fatten up as he was worried she would attract other potential suitors. She even obliged him by gaining 100 pounds in 2 years.

The girl, Yan Tai, weighed just over hundred pounds when she began dating the guy, You Pan, of South China Province. The boyfriend usually provided her with heavy breakfasts, feast like lunches and dinners along with hefty snacks, sometimes, in the middle of night as well. He even has plans to fatten her up more after marriage.

We can’t decide why the girl is sticking up with this, maybe she does like all the food without the guilt of having it herself.


Woman tries to cut private part of her 82 year lover

Bonnie Treaster tried to cut her boyfriend’s penis by a handsaw since she suspected him of having other affairs. What’s more is that this boyfriend of hers was 82 years old though it is claimed that he was sexually active.

The guy was first ashamed to reveal that his girlfriend had assaulted him but then relented and told the police about his ordeal. The girl was convicted and is jailed with the condition of $75,000 bail.


Husband glues wife’s vagina

This is one type of chastity belt you must have never heard about. This guy, believing that his wife was having an affair with his uncle, asked her to undress forcibly and then proceeded to apply the superglue between her legs in what could only be termed as the most cartoonish way of exacting revenge.

The wife was forced to follow instruction under death threats from her 45 year old husband, all the while crying and begging him to stop. The wife still is too afraid to press for the charges while her asshole of a husband has fled. Might we suggest hooking him up with the girl in the post above as they seem to be made for each other.


Wife scratches luxury car as she thinks husband looks younger than her

A Chinese women scratched a $30k luxury car in a Chinese Auto Show as she was pissed that her husband looked younger to her. If you fail to see how the jealously turns into scratching a car then you are not alone. Apparently, onlookers heard the wife shouting that she deserved the car because she’d given her all to the marriage, especially when she was “getting old” and the husband still looked young.

The husband doesn’t seem to be pissed in the video and his body language suggests that he has to go through this behavior a lot. Our advice, maybe just maybe, next time take her to Walmart instead. While you won’t be able to save on your embarrassment, you will definitely save some money.


Insecure “boyfriend” threatening co-worker

This one is really off the top. A random guy messages this girl’s co-worker about his feeling towards her and asks him to stay away from her. It gets funnier when the co-worker tells him that he isn’t interested in her.

Since the “boyfriend” still doesn’t believe him, he sends an intimate pic of him with his partner and the “boyfriend” reaction to it is pretty hilarious.


Wife and her friends gang up on husband’s mistress

So probably this is not a real case of jealousy as much as it is of being caught. An Indian wife catches her husband with his mistress and calls photographers along with her friends to gang up on them.

While this would have been enough to prove a point and maybe file for a divorce, they take it up ten notches by beating the husband and the girl silly with anything and everything they can find including fists, shoes and a carrom board! All the while shouting and thumping their chest like warriors.

We just have one advice. Do not ever keep a frigging carrom board lying around if you are having an affair in India.

People do nasty things all the time, here are some crazy things people did for money!

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