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8 Amazing Then and Now Pictures of Afghanistan Which Will Shock You to the Core

Afghanistan has changed a lot since Taliban took over in 1996. It had women rights, infrastructure and modern fashion back in the 70s. After researching about it, we know why it’s said that Afghan is back to the stone ages. We have scooped some amazing pictures which describe their plight more than we could in words.


Men’s Clothing

Afghanistan Men Then
Afghanistan Men Now
The meaning of a true gentleman has changed a lot.


Then - People chilling around Paghman gardens.
Now - Paghman gardens are now reduced to rubbles and dirt.
The Paghman Garden was landscaped perfectly to match the environment of the city.

Classrooms and Studying

Then - Girls and boys studied together and education covered a vast amount of subjects.
Now - Girls are required to be under a veil at all times. The education topics are also heavily restricted.
Studying seemed to cover all aspects then, it’s just black and white now.

Fruits and Vegetable Markets

Then - The marketplace of Afghanistan was rich and flourishing.
Now - Numerous bombing in the marketplace has made it risky to even shop for groceries.
Markets then seemed full of fresh fruits, sadly now only fresh thing seems to be blood.

Bus Travel

Then - People of all races travelling in harmony and in a dignified way.
Now - People climbing on top of each other in the bus.
As the population grew, so did the need to have a higher number of transports. They came up with an out of box solution to the problem.

Kid’s Playtime

Then - Children indulged in various activities including singing and dancing.
Now - Most children live in poverty and play in abandon sites.
Kids had a normal childhood then, now every day is a struggle for them.

Other Religions

Then - Bamiyan Buddhas was a UN heritage site representing Buddhism.
Afghanistan Bamiyan Buddhas Now
Bamiyan Buddha, a prestigious religious site was blown up and all that is left behind is an empty crater in its place.

Women Clothing

Then - Girls used to dress stylishly with western clothes including skirts.
Now - Girls are covered from head to toe.
You could recognize your wife by their face, now it’s mostly based on guesses and body shapes.

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Which of these then and now picture shook you the most, do let us know in the comment below.

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