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8 Horror Movies Based On True Events

There is an inherent desire in us that makes us watch horror movies despite knowing that we won’t be able to sleep thereafter. Do you know that many of the ‘reel life’ horror comes from ‘real life’ stories? We bring to you the craziest, scariest, yet real horror stories that inspired movies to be made after them.


Crocodile traumatizes three friends and eats one

Horror Movies - Black Water based on real story of 3 friends traumatized by a Crocodile who killed 1 in front of their eyes.
Adapted by the Movie – Black Water

Three adventurous friends: Ashley, Shaun and Brett went out to wash themselves in a river following a dirt race at a remote area in Australia.  While cleaning themselves, Brett slipped into the river due to the wet ground which prompted Shaun and Ashley to go after him for the rescue.

United, they started swimming to get out of the patch of wetland before one of them yelled out croc making them scramble for a nearby tree. Ashley and Shaun made it to the tree, they however, couldn’t find Brett. Soon after, a 13-footer dark colored crocodile emerged from water, holding their friend in its jaw. Brett was lifeless at this point of time and his friends started fearing for their own life.

Horror Movies - Brett Mann, 22, was eaten by a 13-foot saltwater crocodile on Dec. 21, 2003
Brett Mann, 22, was eaten by a 13-foot saltwater crocodile on Dec. 21, 2003

Before Ashley and Shaun could recover from the shock, the croc came back for them. It stood at the bottom of the tree roaring and grunting. They had no choice but to hang tight to the branch of the tree. They stood there for the entire dark stormy night, next to a flooded river with no light, food or water. With the croc waiting for them below, they spent the night without any sleep, all the while holding each other to ensure that they don’t fall down.

It took several rescue attempts to get them out and the memory of that night still haunts them.


Demons haunts, rapes and sodomizes family

Horror Movies - The Haunting in Connecticut showing the ghosts seen stacked on top of each other
Adapted by the Movie – The Haunting in Connecticut

As soon as the Snedekers family moved into their new rented house, their son Philip started experiencing weird things. He would see a man walking in and out of his room, hear chatters of invisible men and his bed started pulsating as if it had a heartbeat. His parents did not believe him at first but soon got a glimpse of what Philip was going through.

The family soon started hearing music at night, the mop water would turn red while wiping the floor and things would fly in and out. Carmen, the wife claims that she saw a hand come from behind her visiting niece and went inside her t-shirt. Soon after, an invisible man raped Carmen; they knew they had to do something.

Horror Movies - Displaying the grave of Catherine Snedekers
Grave of Catherine Snedekers

Ed and Lorraine Warren were called to investigate the paranormal. The controversial investigators confirmed that the house was haunted. They also found out that it used to be a funeral home which gave the story even more credence. The house was exorcised and is deemed fit to live in now.


Creating a poltergeist out of thin air

Horror Movies - The Quiet Ones showing the scene of a girl
Adapted by the Movie – The Quiet Ones

In 1972, Dr. Alan, former fellow of Trinity College led an experiment based on his theory that negative human emotions and not ghosts creates paranormal beings. The experiment happened in Toronto, Canada and the group created a fictionalized human, who they named as Peter, along with his dark yet totally fictional biography.

They then started meeting in groups and trying to contact this fictional person by meditating about him. Nothing happened for a year which is when Dr. Alan thought of changing the environment to mimic the ways it’s done in the movies. This involved singing songs, inviting the spirits and dimming the lights of the room.

Horror movies - The original group that conducted the Philip Experiment
The original group that conducted the Philip Experiment

Things soon started to change (allegedly?) with Peter contacting the group and answering questions about himself and even manifesting himself in the table and chasing around members.


Woman who was turned into a Zombie

Horror Movies - The Serpent and the Rainbow
Adapted by the Movie – The Serpent and the Rainbow

Felicia Felix-Mentor, a Haitian woman allegedly died in 1907 at the age of 29, only to return to her village after 20 years. When an American scientist travelled to Haiti in 1937, he investigated the rumors and discovered evidence that powerful drugs were used to replicate a death-like state.

Horror Movies - The Serpent and the Rainbow Felicia Felix-Mentor
Felicia Then (left) | Felicia Now (right)

While it is very difficult to confirm what exactly happened to her, many locals believe that she had died and has only come back from death for her family members. Doctors looking into the case believe that a drug, which is 100 times more powerful than cyanide, is used by voodoo practitioners in Haiti and makes a person somewhat brain dead similar to a zombie.


Serial rapist, killer husband whose wife helped him out!

Horror Movies - Karla and Paul, adapted by the movie - Karla
Adapted by the Movie – Karla

Paul and Karla were never stable individuals, but they turned into monsters after meeting each other. Their first victim as a couple was Karla’s 15-year-old sister, who they murdered after sexual assault. Paul videotaped the entire incidence while Karla kept the animal tranquilizer soaked rag on her sister’s face.

Horror Movies - Karla Movie
Actual Photo of Paul and Karla

They raped and killed at least 3 girls before they were convicted. Karla bailed out on Paul by testifying against him to get only 12 years in jail. The horrifying part of the story is that Karla has since been released from prison and is living under the name Leanne Bordelais.


Box spells bad luck for anyone who owns it

Horror Movies - The Possession poster
Adapted by the Movie – The Possession

Kevin Mannis bought an old wine box on eBay for $300. The box came with weird items inside including locks of hair. Right after the purchase, Kevin received the news that some hooligan had wrecked his furniture shop; his employee left the job and never returned.

Kevin gave the box to his mother and within minutes she had a stroke and lost the ability to speak for some time. He tried giving the box to many people, but it was always returned back. Many told him that they felt uneasy in the box’s presence and that it smelled like cat’s urine and jasmine. Finally, Kevin managed to sell the box to a couple only for them to leave it on his doorstep stating, “This has bad darkness.”

Horror Movies - Kevin Mannis box
The Actual Cursed Box

Kevin didn’t destroy the box as he believed that the ownership needed to be transferred else the evil spirit will attach it to himself. The box finally made it to a university museum curator, who took it willingly as the engravings were of his cultural heritage. The curator also experiences the same smell but states that the box is neutral towards him.


Cannibalistic family who murdered and ate over 1,000 victims

Horror Movies - The Hill Have Eyes poster
Adapted by the Movie – The Hills have Eyes

There were numerous reports of mass disappearance along the coastal line of Scotland during the 15th century. The villagers led many searches but always returned frustrated. Unbeknownst to them, an incestuous family was living inside a coastal cave and had based their life around ambushing, killing and eating people.

The 48 person family headed by Alexander “Sawney” Bean usually ambushed and killed at night. They ate all the evidence making them impossible to find. This would have continued had they not ambushed a couple who chose to fight back. While the wife was brutally murdered, the man fought back and was able to escape from their clutches.

Horror Movies - The Hill Have Eyes
Illustration of Alexander Bean and his Wife carrying body parts in the background

Shortly afterward, a team of 400 men and several bloodhounds raided the cave and captured the culprits. The men in the family got their genitals cut off and then their limbs chopped off till they bled to death. The women and children of the family were forced to watch these deaths and were then burned alive.


The doll who terrorizes family and curses anyone who takes his Snap

Horror Movies - Chucky real life Robert
Adapted by the Movie – Chucky

Robert the doll was gifted to Eugene Otto by his servant who was accused of practicing black magic. Gene, who was just 6 at that time, quickly became inseparable from the doll. It was Eugene who assigned him the name Robert. Soon afterward, the parents started hearing Eugene talking to someone in his room, though they dismissed it as Eugene talking to himself.

Things became extra creepy when neighbors started reporting the doll moving between windows even when the family was not in the house. The family also reported that sometimes the doll would emit a terrifying giggle. As Eugene grew up, he locked the doll into the attic though that didn’t stop Robert from terrorizing the children on the street. At one point, the children were so terrified of the doll taunting them that they stopped using the road where the house was located.

Horror Movies - Chucky Robert the doll
Robert the Doll in Fort East Martello Museum

Eventually, Robert the doll found its way to the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West. The staff claims that strange activities happen around the sealed plastic case of Robert. You would also find the walls of the museum covered with letters from people asking Robert for forgiveness. According to the legend, you can’t snap a picture of Robert without asking for his permission, which he gives by moving his head. Failing to do so curses the person and their family for eternity.

If you like these horror stories… Here are some unsolved mysteries that are too complex to be a hoax!

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