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8 Crazy Things You Won’t Believe People Did For Money

Everyone spends a major part of their life working to earn money, but some people take it to the next level when it comes to the definition of work. You would be amazed to know some of the most crazy things, these people did for money or worldly gains.


Chinese teen sells his kidney for iPhone and iPad

It is tough to imagine anybody selling their kidney for money but apparently it seems to be common for Chinese people to sell their kidneys to earn money for reasons including paying off large debts, paying for an abortion, etc but selling the kidney for an iPhone definitely raises the bar.

Sure, this kid must be feeling great now but what would happen the next year when the new iPhone comes out and he realizes that he is out of kidney to buy it.



Anna Nicole Smith married a 89 year old Billionaire

Anna Nicole was just 24 years old when she met an Oil tycoon named J Howard Marshall, 87 years at that time. The two dated for two years during which Marshall gave her a lot of expensive gifts and proposed several times, even offering half of his wealth for marriage which was estimated to be $1.6 billion.

Anna tied the knot probably thinking she won the jackpot as she was 26 years and had all her life ahead and Marshall was 89. Soon after the marriage, Anna’s career became huge, she even won Playboy’s Playmate of the year in 1993.

Eventually, Anna proved too hot for Marshall as he died within 13 months of marriage. Marshall though had the last laugh as he didn’t leave anything for Anna and after several years of court cases, she was denied even a penny in Marshall’s wealth.



Artist sells other people’s Instagram photos for $90,000

Richard Price put up his collection at New York gallery calling them “New Portraits” when he should have actually called them “New Downloads”. All his creations were Instagram photos in which he had put up his comment below to circumvent copyright laws which surprisingly did work.

Most of the pictures have women in sexual poses, along with the Instagram comments below. The artists who have created these usually sell them for 90 bucks a pop and sometimes even for free. Talk about Price putting up a new “Price” for their creation.



Women married 10 times and admits one just for money

A woman named Liana Barrientos was apparently running a citizenship service to the US, she married 10 times and most of her husbands applied for green card soon after their marriage.

This went on for a while until USCIS flagged her under suspicion as one of her husband gave terrorist threat to the US and was deported back to Pakistan. Liana admitted to taking money from one of her husbands and is looking at four year prison sentence.

What is amazing in this case is that she married some guys even before divorcing the earlier ones. Some of her husbands were from ‘red flag’ countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Georgia and Pakistan.



Delaware mom sells her newborn for a Disney trip

Delaware mom named Bridget Wismer was a fan of Disney World, she could have done anything for it and she did, she got pregnant, suffered all the pain for 9 months and then sold her baby to a man from Pennsylvania for $15k. Ironically, she had planned to use this money for a trip to Disney World with her other kids.

She later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a 5 year prison. John Gavaghan, the man who bought the baby also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in Prison. Maybe they should have just married like Liana Barrientos.



Man sells his forehead as an advertising space

Andrew Fischer, a 20-year-old from Omaha, Nebraska always knew that he had to use his head to make money. Taking the metaphor a bit too seriously, he auctioned his forehead on eBay and even received $37k from a company called SnoreStop.

SnoreStop CEO even quoted “I look forward to an enjoyable association with Andrew — a man who clearly has a head for business in every sense of the word”. Apparently, Andrew impressed them by his sales pitch which was “People will always comment on something out of the ordinary, People like weird” and hey, he was ready to give head.

The contract was only for a month though so we guess he would have only lost his friends and family for sometime. The same cannot be said about the man’s dignity but dignities are overrated anyway.



Man who sold his Fate to Bunch of Investors

Imagine you not having to make any decisions for yourself. Every decision, every investment, relationships are done through voting of several people who own you. This may sound strange to most of us but Mike Merrill is the guy living that “dream”. Mike sold his life to bunch of investors like shares of any public funded company.

Mike’s whole life’s changed now as all his decisions are taken by people other than him to the point that his girlfriend started complaining about it as well. This led Mike to think that this was invading his private life but he later figured out that investors would make better decisions than him on his life as they have invested money on him. As strange as this may sound, this story is very true.



Man who gets Boob job done for $100k

Imagine your friend asking you to get a breast implant for $100k, Would you do it? The same was wagered to Brian, a professional gambler and magician by profession and he accepted it.

Brian underwent the breast implant surgery with the condition that he has to keep the implants for a year to earn his money. He not only kept it for a year but has no intentions of removing them even after 17 years as a clause of the bet gives him $10k every year to keep them.

While this has made his life a bit abnormal, he seems to be okay with that. The only advise we can give you incase one of your friend tries to do this is that it’s not something that friends do, if this friend of your’s keeps paying you yearly then he probably isn’t doing that for fun but there is something more sinister going on in his head.

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Which one of these crazy things shock you the most? Do let us know in the comments below.

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