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8 Incredible Acts Of Kindness By Generous Strangers

Random acts of kindness changes our beliefs and challenges how we see our world. These generous strangers and the things they did will strengthen your faith in humanity, and make you see the world as a collective conscience rather than place of injustice and greed. We present to you 8 of these incredible acts the world has ever encountered.


The Boy with a Heart of Gold

One day when Cayden Taipalus was in the queue for his lunch, he saw a little kid in front of him who did not have enough funds to pay for his lunch. Taipalus was so moved with this moment that he started collecting money for hungry kids. He did so by donations, redeeming empty bottles and even went on to start a campaign of paying it forward.

Did we mention that he was just in his third grade when he started this movement? This 8 eight-year-old Michigan kid has so far collected more that $7k and has paid for over 300 hot lunches. He has plans to extend his campaign to feed 5000 students in the near future.


The Restaurant which gives Free Lunches to Homeless during Open Hours

Ashley Jiron owns a small a peanut butter and jelly sandwich joint in Oklahoma. One day when she saw a homeless man going through her restaurant’s dumpster to search for food, her heart sank as she too had faced similar troubles a while back.

Jiron immediately posted on her window inviting the homeless guy to have no-questions-asked free lunch in the restaurant during open hours… not caring for a moment about the impact this may have on other patrons or her branding. The person is yet to come to her restaurant, but her level of caring for a fellow human being has definitely inspired many as it went viral on the internet.


Undercover Cop keeps on finding Helpful Peeps instead of Thugs

Mark Horsley, a cop from Vancouver, went undercover to catch thugs but was pleasantly surprised. Horsley posed as a blind man in an expensive wheelchair carrying an open fanny pack… thinking that people would take money out of his pouch.

Instead, over 300 people contacted him offering food, money or to just plainly give emotional support. The operation came very close to finding a thug when a man put a hand in his fanny pack, though instead of taking any money out, he just zipped the pack and asked him to be more careful.


Guy pays it forward despite being homeless

This story involves a stranger who decided to film what would happen if he gave a homeless guy $100 to spend. Without the homeless guy’s knowledge, the entire event was video taped.

Things started to look bleak when the homeless guy went inside a liquor store after having got the money. However, the story took a turn for better when he came out with food which he distributed among other homeless people… who he did not know!


An Old Man’s House receives a Makeover from 100 Random People

Every day when Josh Cyganik went to work, he would see his neighbor, a 75-year-old man expecting very little from life. One day, he heard from a couple of kids that the old man’s house was so ugly that it should be burnt down. Cyganik was so saddened to hear this that he decided to paint the house himself with the help of some friends.

Since Cyganik didn’t know where to start from, he posted on Facebook to ask his friends to help him out. Unbeknownst to him, the post went viral with over 6000 shares and over 100 random strangers showed up to help him paint the house. Some of them even got new furniture and they decided to not only paint the house but to redo the porch as well.

By the end of it, the house became one of the best looking houses of the neighborhood and all it took was 100 people just caring about fellow humans to change a stranger’s life for good.


A Stranger Researched for Decades to Return Unknown Family’s Pride

Tami Heart was one day going through her dump and found a medal with a name engraved in it. Unknowing to her, the medal was given to Tech Sergeant, Wiljo Matalamaki’s family after his death in WW II. The family had lost the medal 50 years back.

Heart spent 20 years to track the family. She went to the veteran’s events, researched about the family, and even tracked down the headstone of Wiljo but was unable to find the family. Luck and destiny act in the strangest of ways, as the Matalamaki’s family just showed up on Heart’s cabin one day. Turned out that they were visiting old memorials and it was the same cabin where they used to live.

Heart gave the medal to the Matalamaki’s family which was then formally presented to them in a ceremony at Fort Snelling, Minnesota.


Man buys Dinner for his Mugger

Julio Diaz is a social worker who was coming back from work when a teenager showed a knife and demanded his wallet. Like any of us would do, Diaz quickly obliged to the teen mugger. Though unlike us, when the teen was walking away from him, Diaz offered his coat as he noticed that the boy didn’t have proper clothing.

The surprised teen asked him why was he so nice to him, to which Diaz replied that if he is risking his future for small sum of money, then he must really need it more than him. The teen was moved by Diaz’s answer, but Diaz wasn’t done yet… He offered the teen to come have dinner with him, which the kid accepted.

During the dinner, the teen mugger noticed Diaz being polite with everyone including the person doing the dishes. When the bill arrived, Diaz told the kid to cover the bill since he has his wallet. The bundle of kindness was more than the kid had ever experienced and he returned the wallet to Diaz and surrendered his knife. By the end of the night, Diaz had single-handedly saved the future of the boy and made an honest person out of him.


Internet Strangers got Together to Fulfil an 8 year Old Girl’s Wish

Delaney ‘Laney’ Brown was suffering from terminal cancer. Her parents, wanting to do something special for their child, started a fan page on Facebook to give her hope. The page was subscribed to by over 100k people in no time who kept praying for Laney and made sure that her morale remained high.

However, when Laney’s situation turned from bad to worse, the parents knew that their baby girl didn’t have much time left in this world. They then asked Laney to make a bucket list which they started to fulfil with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The foundation helped Laney to tick off most of the items on her list, but her last wish remained unfulfilled… which was to sing-along to the Christmas Carols.

When doctors told the parents that Laney had just few days left before Christmas, the parents made a desperate attempt and posted about her wish on her fan page. The night before Christmas, 10,000 people gathered outside Laney house to sing Christmas Carols for her, fulfilling her last wish.

Even though Laney could not speak when this happened, she gave thumbs up to the people who came outside. Laney died on the Christmas morning and her story made us realize what the power of good can do to the world.

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