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8 Surprising Acts Of Kindness By Celebs

We have already covered random acts of kindness by strangers, which inspired us to see how the world can be changed by little gestures. The article made us question whether we can find similar instances of kindness in the celeb world. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed!


Tom Cruise – Aids the victim of hit and run

Heloisa Vinhas, 22, was a victim of hit and run in Los Angeles. She was in excruciating pain when Tom Cruise saw her lying on the road. Without thinking for a moment, he stopped and called the ambulance for her, even accompanying her to the hospital.

Vinhas was in trauma and couldn’t even recognize her savior. But Cruise made sure to learn about the girl, and when he found out that she didn’t have insurance, he chose to foot her hospital expenses as well.


Tom Hanks – Ensures that his fan has the greatest day of his life

A cabbie had no idea that picking up another fare before his shift’s end would lead to the greatest day of his life.

Reluctant but wanting to make some cash, the anonymous driver decided to pick up a passenger who had his cap pulled down to his eyes, and was reluctant to show his face. But soon, the cabbie started recognizing the voice. And… when they stopped on a red light, the cabbie turned around, looked the person in the eyes and shouted, “WIIIIIIILLLSSSSSOOOOOOON!!!”

The person was Tom Hanks, who instantly bursted out in laughter knowing that the gig was up. Hanks noticed that the cabbie was wearing a Ferrari shirt and cap and started calling the cabbie “Mr. Ferrari.” They spoke about various things before the cabbie dropped Hanks to his destination. While this would have a memorable moment in itself, the cabbie wasn’t done yet.

After this magical evening, whenever the cabbie picked up anyone even remotely connected to Hanks, he would ask them to convey “Hello from Mr. Ferrari” to the filmmaker. It paid out big time, as out of the blue, the cabbie got a text from Hanks inviting him to the Broadway Show.

The story wasn’t done yet. When the cabbie and his date showed up for the show, they were invited backstage with Hanks surprising the cabbie by saying, “Mr. FEEERRRAAARRRRI!!!” in the exact same way the cabbie acknowledged the actor before.


Taylor Swift – Surprises her fan by visiting her

We have time and time again found Taylor Swift to be one of the sweetest celeb. She proved it yet again, when she went out of her way to surprise a fan, who had tweeted to her.

Stephanie Barnett, a superfan of Swift, had been communicating with her on twitter for a long time. According to her, the music from Swift helped her get through the tough times of her pregnancy. When she decided to tweet and let Swift know about the same, she didn’t expect any reply from the other end. But was pleasantly surprised when Swift replied that she was moved by her tweet.

At this point, Barnett thought that gifts from Swift in the form of her music, and the replies she got from the star were more than she could ask from any celeb having thousands of fans… But boy oh boy! She was in for the surprise of her lifetime when Swift decided to pay her a surprise visit out of the blue.

Barnett was bowled when she opened her door to see Taylor Swift standing outside. Though Swift has a history of sending gifts to her fan, but this personal visit got Barnett in tears. Swift even got a pint size Mercedes car for her two-year old son, ensuring that she earns a lifetime fan through her gesture.


Keanu Reeves – Gives away millions to Matrix’s SFX crew

Believed to be the nicest person on the planet, Reeves is the only guy in the history of Hollywood who doesn’t live lavishly and uses public transport for work. Even while using subway, he is often seen giving away his seat to a lady or an elderly person. He continues to believe in the power of good, despite having a bad streak of luck throughout his life.

Reeves spends a lot of time with movie staff and their kids. He seems to be keep raising the humility bar with numerous humanity acts. In one instance, Reeves gave away almost all the money he earned from Matrix sequels (few millions), as he believed that the special effects team was more deserving than him. To add to it, he even bought Harley Davidson for the entire production team of Matrix, to pay homage to their effort.

Nobody covered the story because it wasn’t bombarded in the media, just like his cancer charity which he chose to not have his name associated with, and the several other instances where he willfully took a pay-cut so that the movie could accommodate other biggies.


Bill Murray – Helps his cab driver to fulfil his dream… if only for a night

The only one who could top Reeves is this guy. Bill Murray’s stories of random acts of kindness just never ends. This one happened during a taxi trip in Oakland, California.

Murray started chatting with the cabbie and found out that he likes to play saxophone. When Murray asked him more about it, the cabbie replied that though he keeps the saxophone in the trunk, he doesn’t find enough time to play it. Further adding that he drives for 14 hours, which literally meant the death of his passion.

At this point, Murray’s awesomeness took over and he asked the cabbie to switch places with him, stating that he would drive, while the cabbie plays the saxophone for him.

For the entire duration of the trip, Murray drove the taxi while the cabbie played to his heart. The duo even stopped at a joint where Murray asked him to keep on playing the instrument. The two friends enjoyed each other’s company and the cabbie got to play out his passion, if only for a day… all because of Murray’s love for other human beings.


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – Becomes a wedding officiant to marry his superfan

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson proves that he was in the wrong profession when we joined “WWE.” The star, is unlike any persona which was build around him during his wrestling days. That’s why when the YouTube channel “ScreenJunkies” asked him to participate in pranking Nick Mundy, one of their interviewer, he told them that not only he wants in, but also wants to play a major role in it.

The plan was to make Mundy, a superfan of Johnson, feel that he had destroyed his relationship with him… Only to have “The Rock” emerge in the end for his surprise wedding. But Johnson didn’t just wanted to show up for Mundy’s wedding, instead he wanted to be the one to marry the couple. Check out how “The Rock” along with “ScreenJunkies” made sure that Mundy had the best day of his life.


Paul Walker – Buys diamond ring for random couple

Soldier Kyle Upham and his new wife Kristen were in a Santa Barbara jewelry store in 2004, looking for a diamond ring, when they happened to bump into Paul Walker. A conversation was struck and Upham told Walker about his days in Iraq during his first deployment, adding that he would be leaving for the second round soon.

Walker was extremely touched listening to the hardships faced by Upham while serving the nation. Their conversation soon ended and the couple had to leave the store without buying anything. As the ring that Kristen set her heart on, was out of the couple’s budget by thousands of dollars.

Unbeknownst to them, Walker had already decided to buy whatever the couple wanted on his tab as he felt that they deserved more. A short while later, the couple received a call from a salesman of the store asking them to return to the store, where they were presented with the diamond ring.

The couple inquired about the person who had gifted them, but the manager refused to divulge the details (as requested by Walker). It was only when Walker passed away, that the store’s employee came forward to share the story as he felt that the world should know about Walker’s true character.


Johnny Depp – Visits hospitals and schools in his free time posing as a Pirate

So, you are Johnny Depp and have just completed your shoot for the day. Already tired and exhausted running in a pirate costume, what would your preference be? If the answer is visiting sick children to bring them joy instead of hitting the bed, then you might be the “real” Johnny Depp reading this (in that case, know that we are huge fans).

Yes… Johnny Depp has made it a habit to visit children in schools and hospitals as “Captain Jack Sparrow” of “Pirates of the Carribean.” He did it once by visiting sick children in hospital of Brisbane, Queensland while filming the sequel, and hasn’t stop since then, often visiting and surprising his young fans by his grand gesture.

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There is no greater deed then helping someone out. These heartwarming pics will further restore your faith in humanity!

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