7 YouTube Channels That You Should Go Join Now

YouTube adds 300 hours of video every minute! This means that you can’t see it all even if you dedicate every moment of your life in doing so. Don’t sweat, we have taken on ourselves to filter the best YouTube channels for you from the boring ones. Here they are in their full glory.


Screen Junkies

Screen Junkies is a place where you come to after watching a great movie to see it getting rip apart to shreds. Jon Bailey, the guy who is the voice behind Honest Trailers has an amazingly deep tone, which along with brilliant comic timing makes every honest trailer standout.

Recommended For: Every fan and critic of Hollywood


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Talking Animals

Talking Animals is a channel dedicated solely to dub over pets. The conversation the owner has with these pets will crack you up, no matter how many times you watch them doing so. We have already featured them as one of the stories in 7 Dog Stories of Pure Awesomeness, but that doesn’t mean that you ignore their other videos which are equally awesome.

Recommended For: Anyone who imagined talking with their pets


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Vsauce2 is best known to curate the best inventions / creations in a matter of minutes. The channel does exceptionally well in explaining the research and breakthroughs happening around the entire world.

Recommended For: Anyone who wants to know how close we are to creating real terminators


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Hope For Paws

Hope For Paws is all about pet rescue mission and the transformation of pets. It’s heart warming to see the before and after of these pets who were abandoned or abused. The ending of each video would restore your faith in humanity bit by bit.

Recommended For: Anyone who loves their Pets


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Vice News

Vice news channel takes journalism to a next level where reporters are on the ground and in the middle of the conflict. They try to bring up all the important conflict stories from around the world. These are war journalists taking extreme risk, bribing people and even risking life to bring you the most exclusive scoop of news from around the world.

Recommended For: Everyone who wants Engaging News and Hands on Journalism


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In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt | In a Nutshell, is a channel dedicated to explaining how things work, but not your usual ones. The videos focus on concepts like evolution, time, space, global energy as well as our existence in this strange universe. The videos are illustrations explaining the concepts which in itself is quite amazing to see, combine that with exceptional voice over, sound effects and you would see why these people only do a video in a month.

Recommended For: Everyone who’s from Planet Earth


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How It Should Have Ended 

How It Should Have Ended is the channel which calls the absurdity of each movie out with their cartoonish animations of how things should have played out in the movies. Ever wondered why the villains explain the plot before killing the hero? Or why the hulk was not called in Captain America 2? Well… so do they, which is why they show what could have happened if things were realistic.

Recommended For: Anyone who has ever wondered how movies should have ended


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So which one of these Channels were you already aware of?

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