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7 Unusual Friendship Between Inter Species That Is Unbelievable At Best

There are many instances of humans doing amazing things for each other, but did you know that there are special bonds that exists between inter-species as well. We bring to you 7 of the best unusual friendships ever formed between two different species which will blow your mind.


Dolphin falls in love with girl

During 1960s there were many experiments going on to see if animals can speak given the proper training. Dr Lilly, a specialist of Dolphins, decided to test if the dolphins can be taught to speak English for which he appointed his assistance Margaret, a girl to work with Peter, a male dolphin.

At first, things went pretty well with Peter learning basic words but after sometime, Peter fell in love with Margaret and would only want to play with her. He even began replying ‘play, play, play’ when Margaret parroted ‘work, work, work’. Around this time Peter also started become sexually aroused in the presence of this 23 year girl while disregarding any female dolphins for his sexual activities.

At first, Margaret thought that if she masturbated the Dolphin (which she totally did) then things would become normal but this only led to Peter increasingly neglecting his lessons. The project was shut down as the funding ceased after 10 weeks and Peter was taken to one of Dr. Lilly’s lab where he remained depressed and committed suicide after 5 weeks by holding his breath.



Crocodile loves the man who saved his life

A Costa Rican fisherman, Chito, took pity on a crocodile who was shot in his left eye and was about to die. He named it Pocho and nursed it for 6 months, giving him medicines, chicken and fish to eat. He loved the croc but maintained distance as he feared his well being.

Something amazing happened during this period… The croc started responding to his voice and even started following him home when he let it out in the lake. With time, the two became inseparable and they often hung out together.

If you are thinking that the croc was just friendly to humans then do know that it had attacked people other than Pocho who get too close to it. Chito even rescued a girl from getting mauled by his BFF or maybe the croc was taking the term “wingman” to just another level.



Leopard adopts baby baboon

A leopard found and killed a baboon only to find that there was something attached to the baboon’s fur. It was a newborn baby baboon. The story should have ended in the leopard eating its dessert but instead something extraordinary happened. The leopard went against its natural instinct and instead saved the baby and even adopted it.



Real life Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan

A Lion, Tiger and Bear are hell bent on proving that Mowgli was right after all to the point that they have earned the name of Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan.

They have forged an unusually strong bond and are the only bear, lion and tiger in the world who live in the same enclosure. They were rescued 13-years years ago during a drug raid in Atlanta, Georgia. The little family were only cubs at the time and were barely two months old.



Gorilla introduces his wife to his old human friend

Damian is a conservationist who took the care of a gorilla named Kwibi for sometime before he was set free. After 5 years, Damian decided to go look for the gorilla who was known to attack anyone who came near him.

That didn’t deter Damian and when he found the gorilla, they immediately bonded and the gorilla even introduced Damian to his wife. He then followed Damian till his camp before disappearing in the forest. The hospitality displayed by this primate is something which us humans don’t match to as well.



Bear who prefers to dine with family

That above is the real picture of Brutus, the bear having dinner with the entire family. The 1000 pound bear is best friends with Casey Anderson and was even the best man in his wedding. The bear is often invited to family dinners where he gets his whole turkey.

Casey celebrates Brutus’s birthday in his house, takes him out in the woods for walks. We are sure that the long walks must be making Casey very very Beary.



Lion remembers his childhood friend

Christian, the lion was purchased from an England zoo by two friends named John Rendall and Anthony Bourke in 1969 when he was a cub. They cared for the lion and treated him like family until he was a year old, when he was deemed too big to live when them.

They had to drop the lion at Kora National Reserve in Kenya. After a year, Rendall and Anthony decided to go visit their friend despite all advisory that the lion may not remember them and can attack them. What happens next would amaze you and will force you to contemplate that maybe these big cats are not as emotionless as we think them to be.


Which of these unusual friendship makes you believe that animals care as well? Let us know in the comment below.

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