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7 Interesting Things You Did Not Know About OK

The word ‘OK’ pops up in our day-to-day communication, yet we know little about its origin… It’s about time we pay our respect to this word by knowing about it. Without further ado, here are some of the interesting tidbits you should know about the word ‘OK’.


Who researched the Word OK

Okay - Who discovered it, Allen Walker Read
Allen Walker Read researched the origin of the Word ‘OK’.

How did OK come into existence

Okay - Originated as a joke in Boston newspaper
Boston Newspaper first used the ‘o.k.’, it was a shorthand for the word Oll Korrect.

How did OK become popular

Okay - How it became Popular
Martin Van Buren was known as Old Kinderhook as he was from Kinderhook, to gain more publicity and drive the press, he started a Democratic OK Club.

Where around the world was OK used

Okay - Usage around the Globe
Okay never died down as it kept getting used in one form or the other throughout the history.

How did OK become a commonly used word

Okay - How it become a word for masses
Telegraph operators started using Okay as a convenient word compared to ‘message received’ or even ‘success’.

When did OK make it to a dictionary

Okay - Featured in the Slang dictionary in 1864.
Okay got added to the Slang dictionary in 1864 under the vulgar section. It meant ‘must be on the square and all things done in order’.

New words inspired by OK

Okay - New words inspired by OK
Now new words inspired by Okay are making it to the Oxford dictionary, latest one being ‘Mkay’.

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Did ‘OK’ dazzle you or was the story just OK? Let us know in the comment below.

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