7 Forbidden Places You Are Not Allowed To Go

Humans have the tendency of being inquisitive, especially when something is denied to them. In our quest to find out forbidden places around the world, we came across some of the most dangerous, secretive or banned places which are closed for most.


Bohemian Grove – Restricted to everyone except the really powerful

Bohemian Grove is a 2700 acre club in California with very specific membership plans. Simply put, you need to be either filthy rich or extremely powerful to get access to the club.

The club boasts of having prominent members. Even claiming many US presidents, oil barons and prominent businessmen in its kitty. However, this is not ‘Mensa’ and people usually don’t discuss business over here, with only known exception being the planning of the Atomic Bomb.

The specifics of the activities of the clubs are unknown, and the few who have broken into it have mixed opinions about it. The only leaked footage of the club shows an unusual initiation of people in dress, gathering around ’40-Foot-Owl’ and burning effigies. Known personalities associated with the club are former US presidents Nixon, Eisenhower, Reagan and Bush.


Snake Island – The deadly island restricted to humans

Snake Island of Brazil is the only place where you can find golden lancehead viper. The snake is known to catch prey (usually birds) mid-air and whose venom can melt human flesh.

Over 3000 vipers live on the small island, which averages out to a viper per 3 feet. The horror stories of the island can send a chill down the spine. One of the story is about a lost fisherman who landed on the island by mistake. When he didn’t return home for days, a rescue team was sent for him… Several days later, all of them were found in a pool of blood.

Another one is about the lighthouse operator and his family, who abandoned the lighthouse and ran in different directions, when snakes started coming through the lighthouse’s windows. They were later found dead with their bodies scrambled across the island.

Though it seems that the last one could have some truth as after the last lighthouse operator death, the lighthouse was automated. And the island entry was restricted by the government of Brazil. Nowadays, only the navy or scientists are allowed on the island.


Chapel of Ten Commandments – Restricted to all but a single priest

“The Chapel of the Tablet” in Ethiopia is rumored to hold the Ark of the Covenant… also known as the Ten Commandments of God. Though considered as the world’s most sacred site for Christians, the chapel forbids any visitors.

A single priest is given the duty of guarding the tablet and takes care of it throughout his life. The priest is also required to pass the role to another one during his last days. The one who shoulders this honor is not allowed to go outside, and has to spend his entire life in the confines of the chapel.


A tribe similar to ‘The Village’ – Banned by the government

A tribal island on Indian Ocean is forbidden to the outside world, and for all the right reasons. The tribal island, North Sentinel, is considered extremely dangerous for the outsiders. So much so that even the Indian government chooses to not meddle in their affairs. The government also restricts access to anyone who gets within three-mile of the island.

There have been cases of visitors venturing close to the island, and getting attacked by javelins and arrows. The tribal people had even tried shooting arrows on coast guard helicopters coming close to their borders. Little is known about them, as they have rejected the modern civilization and prefer no contact with the outside world.


US Bullion Depository, Fort Knox – Forbidden even to US Presidents

There’s a reason we say the phrase, ‘as impenetrable as Fort Knox’.

In 1933, President Roosevelt, US issued an executive order banning people from having gold bars, certificates or coins. This led to gold reserves of the country rising by $12 billion in a span of 4 years. Out of the necessity of having a safe for storage of gold, the US built a depository in the military zone, Fort Knox.

The depository stores all the country’s gold reservoir and is an impenetrable fortress. The vault has 22 tons of granite walls and the best security possible around the world. The area is a no fly zone and entry is severely restricted, even to the President of United States!

The restrictions might seem an overkill at first, but then again, we are talking about a faculty which holds the highest gold reserve in the world. The distant second goes to germany which has 2.4 times less gold than that of America.


Haunted Island of Italy – Banned by the government

Poveglia Island of Italy is haunted, at least according to the locals living around it. The island’s troubled past started back in the 13th century, when Venice exiled several of its citizen to the island during the “Bubonic Plague”. It was deemed as a death sentence for many.

The island was used once again as a dumping ground during the 17th century, when “Black Death” enveloped Europe resulting in thousands of deaths on that island.

The deaths and the torture associated with island was repeated again during the late 1800’s, when a mental asylum was built over there which rather indulged in human experiments. Eventually, the mad doctor committed suicide by jumping from the rooftop of the institution.

Nobody can say for sure whether it was the horrific past, or the countless dead bodies which lead to the fear. But the fear became ‘real’ for most folks, when a construction crew started rebuilding the asylum… and abandoned the construction mid-way. Leaving the locals to speculate that they were driven away by ‘dark forces’ and leading the tourism department of Italy to ban entry to the island.


Coca-Cola Vault – Banned to all but two executives

Coca-Cola is recognized all over the world. It shouldn’t surprise us that they are extremely secretive about their formula, going to the extent of keeping it in a heavily secured vault in their headquarters. While this would have been enough for any company, Coke decided to take it a notch (or hundred) higher by splitting the code. And making sure that it is known to only two executives at a time, who are not allowed to meet each other.

Coke was invented in 1880’s but the formula was not even written on paper till 1925. The inventor, instead choose to memorize it. He was forced to write it down on paper when the company needed a loan, that piece of paper was stored for a long time in the bank’s vault in Atlanta, Georgia. But was moved to Coke’s HQ in 2011. To this date, that piece of paper is considered the most valuable in the history of the world.

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