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7 Fascinating Sex Cultures Around The World Which Will Amaze You

Have you ever wondered how people around the globe do it? If you thought that they do it just like a regular Joe then you could’t be more wrong. Below are the most shocking stories of sex cultures around the world for your reading pleasure.


Women Gang Raping Men

Women ganging up and raping men is a widely accepted tradition in some tribes of Columbia. Some other bizarre traditions include having sex with animals, boys having to rape widows and give the semen to the priest as an offering. Maybe if they stop the bestiality part then we could all move to Columbia.


Temporary Marriage in Iran

Having sex in Iran with someone who isn’t your wife is a criminal offense and you will be arrested for it. However, you can have a temporary marriage with someone you want to have sex with and the law would be on your side. Temporary marriage is prevalent in Iran and many scholars believe that it is a loop hole that people have found in the Islamic system.

You can even decide to get married to someone for few minutes or days, a dowry amount is agreed upon which has to be paid to the girl because how else. You can always renew the contract after it’s over, but we think that the possibility of that happening is even further than this guy getting a boner.


Exchanging Wives

People living in the Artic region of North America or East Siberia indulge in the culture of exchanging their wives. This mostly happens during religious events but it happens outside of it as well. They have even sometimes given their wife to complete strangers.

They also believe that exchanging wives confuses evil spirits about individuals which makes it a socially acceptable tradition. Usually it’s the husband which moves in the other partner’s house and assumes all responsibility so we think that this culture should be called husband swapping rather than wife swapping.


Mandatory Sex with Older Women

Mangaia is an island in the South Pacific Ocean which requires young virgin boys to have sex with older women first to understand and master the craft before they can go ahead and please their future partners.

At the age of 13, the boys have to go through circumcision which is followed by sexual intercourse with an older lady. Wonder how they let this pass since Mangaia is a regressive society where boys and girls cannot be seen in public together even if married!


Forced Gay Sex

Keraki and Sambia people of Papua New Guinea engage in the practice of young boys serving unmarried warriors. Of course, by serving we mean engaging in anal intercourse and making sure that these older men cum inside them.

They do so as they believe that unless they have semen of older men inside them, they won’t be able to grow normally. Somebody tell them, it usually is the other way round if they want to grow up normally.

Once these kid have grown up, they are allowed to leave the warrior and marry a girl… and then they can look forward to traumatizing another child in their tribe.


Sex Dormitories

The land of Kamasutra had to have some openness towards sex. Sex dormitories are prevalent in a Muria tribe of India. This tribe believes in free sex for teenagers. Adolescents can practice premarital sex with no promises of a union at the public dormitories that they have built.

The only rule is that you cannot sleep with the same partner for more than a week. The people of Muria tribe do not believe in emotional connections with your partner and favor random sex over marriage.


Kidnap and Rape before you can Marry

Women in Ethiopia cannot forget their wedding day because that’s the day when they are kidnapped, raped and then asked to come in the wedding dress for a marriage. As strange as this may sound, this tradition is very real. The girls who are kidnapped are often not even in their teens and after the marriage they cannot speak of this incident as “good women” in Ethiopia should not speak on such things.

Even if they escape, they are not accepted by their family as they are considered “used” or “impure” and are ordered by the family to go back and serve the husband.

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Which one was your favorite or did we miss something out? Do let us know by leaving in your comments.

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