7 Dog Stories Of Pure Awesomeness

Do you know that dogs can sniff out cancer? or people who have dogs are relatively happier? That’s just a few of many positives of having a dog. In an effort to convince everyone to adopt a dog, We have come up with things you can make your dogs do… inspired by these awesome dog stories.


You can make them say ‘I Love You’ All Day Long




You can teach them Manners and show-off to your Friends




You can make them Serve your Country




Your Well Being is all that Matters to them



You can make them Excited for just about Anything




You can Rely upon them to make the Right Choices, even if it’s Against You




And Ultimately, you can Tease them for a Sandwich… Again and Again and then… Again



Do you have an adorable dog or dogs in your life? We would love to hear their stories in the comment section below.

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