8 Creative Promotions Done By Companies To Get Their Point Across

These organizations got the point across using creative promotions in the era where most of the companies just take the help of attractive models to build their brands. Below are the really smart and creative guerrilla marketing campaigns which got the brand across to the consumer and also ensured that the ads have real impact on the lives of the people.


Contrex got women to exercise

Contrex, a mineral water company, got the message of exercise across in this brilliant campaign. The campaign was designed for French women and the company decided that they want the women to exercise for real. They achieved this by cycles, lights, jukebox and a building… watch the video if you want the sentence to make any sense.

7. forced politicians to act

Politicians are often thick-skinned, and nobody has gotten them to work for the people like the way the local newspaper website, of Russia did. Goes on to prove that most politicians will only work for the betterment of people when their own image is at stake.


Yet another campaign by Coca-Cola to build happiness

Coca-cola is known for doing breathtaking promotions focusing around happiness. When they partnered up with the production team of Skyfall, the movie, they carried their vision of infusing liveliness and energy in the campaign. You get 70 seconds to unlock the bond within you.


LG pranks strangers to drive the point home

LG crafted a unique prank to launch their ultra realistic TV. They invited people for a series of job interviews and constructed the office setting making their TV look like a window onlooking the city. A meteor coming and hitting their city while they were giving the interview made sure that they remember brand LG forever.


Anar Foundation campaign is only visible to children

Anar Foundation, a Spanish organization for the welfare of children, wanted to send a message to children under 10, but they also wanted the message to be hidden from an adult. What transpired was sheer brilliance, using lenticular technology, they embedded two images on one billboard. The adult viewing angle makes sure that they see a different image while when a child looks at it, the image is transformed and the message is delivered.


TNT impresses Europe with their theatrics

To launch TNT Drama Channel in Belgium, the marketing team went all out and created a dramatic scene on a quiet street of Flemish town. The entire theatrics was played on the street whenever someone pushed that button followed by the reveal of their channel to ensure that customers never forget the experience.


Carrie unorthodox promotion ensured a box office hit

Carrie, the movie took guerilla marketing to a new height by the coffee shop prank ensuring that many people left the shop with coffee stains on their pants. The coffee shop is filled with actors and the terror reigns in on the customers who stop by to buy a cup of coffee. The video in itself has crossed 63 millions views and for all the right reasons.


SUPGV of US points out the negatives of owning a gun

The organization States United to Prevent Gun Violence stands against owning a gun. To get their message across, they opened up a gun store in New York and started selling guns… but with the greatest twist ever possible. See the video for yourself and tell us whether you still feel the same way when it comes to buying a gun.

Which of these campaigns made you go ‘Wow…’? Do let us know in the comment below.

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