7 Crazy Ways People Tried Crossing US Border

Every year, thousands of people are caught crossing US border. While most follow the traditional method, some come up with crazy yet innovative ways to sneak past guards. We bring to you the craziest (or most creative?) ways people tried to cross to America.


Using an underwater tunnel

Crossing US Border - Illegal Immigrants using underwater tunnel to smuggle drugs
When Smugglers take the “ok” sign as an approval for anything.

Evelio Padilla wanted to smuggle cocaine across to the US. The only problem was that he didn’t feel like catapulting the drugs like the rest of them.

Instead Padilla underwent scuba training and smuggled the drugs across the border using an underwater tunnel! Presumably after getting inspired by “Chuck Norris.” The plan seemed successful when he, along with others, emerged out of a canal inside US.

However, it quickly crumbled when border patrols saw men in scuba diving suits around the border. Since it was not Halloween, and the fact that normal people just didn’t “scuba dive near border,” the border patrol gave them a chase and caught them before 55 pounds of cocaine could reach people.

Crossing US Border - Illegal Immigrants using underwater tunnel
The underwater tunnel could have been an idle tourist attraction for Mexico, had they not used it for moving drugs and migrants.

Further investigation revealed an underwater tunnel going all the way to a house in Mexico. The tunnel was used for drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Creative… Maybe. Stupid… Helllll Yes.


In the washing machine

Crossing US Border - Using washing machine
It’s a new prototype from Mexico. If the stains don’t go then the man inside can wash them manually.

This is what happens when people try to copy “The Millers.” A couple thought that they can smuggle immigrants inside US by just driving a U-Haul truck posing as a family.

The couple hatched the brilliant plan of hiding an immigrant in a washing machine, and the other four in a cardboard box. Incidentally, those were the only two items in the truck. Happy and patting themselves on the back for their genius, they attempted to cross into the country.

The duo was stopped by the guards and were asked to open the back door. But that was okay, as they had planned ahead and had hidden their smuggling “goods” from prying eyes. The couple obliged, presumably hiding their chuckle and all the while thinking that the guards would not notice that nobody brings a washing machine for vacation.

Crossing US Border - Hidden in cardboard
Shhhh… Don’t look up, pretend that we don’t exist.

Unfortunately for them, the guards didn’t possess the level of intellect they had, and quickly gathered what was happening in this “vacation” of theirs. The duo was apprehended and the immigrants sent to the detention center in US, which ironically made this plan of theirs a success.


On jet skis

Crossing US Border - Illegal immigrants using Jet Ski
You see a park, I see an opportunity!

We have officially crossed over the adventurous and the stupid way of getting into US. So how about using the oldest trick of con to get across?

When human traffickers heard of Anzalduas park on the edge of the river separating US and Mexico, they instantly thought of Obama and the tagline “Yes, we can.”

Their simple plan involved having one of theirs pull up a spectacular show by performing stunts on a jet ski, while the other was used to ferry people across. In the process of keeping it simple, they forgot that the guards are trained to spot exactly these kind of activities. Not long after the “drop” was made, the border patrol got into the action and rounded up everyone.

Crossing US Border - Illegal immigrant caught using Jet Ski
We will not allow anyone to ruin the fashion sense of US.

Meanwhile, his friend continued with the show, either due to the sheer professionalism or because of the applause which made him forget his alibi.


By pole vaulting

“I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky.”

Maybe migrating in batches is not as successful as a lone person dashing for their freedom. Thinking on the same lines, an athletic women used her agility and flexibility to pole vault the US-Mexico border fence. And because God likes to be ironic at times, he ensured that the poor women lands right in the lap of authorities touring the area.

In a bizarre twist to the story, the unlucky women chose the day, time and place of her invasion, to precisely match that of the US senators, visiting the area for a fact-finding mission. She was quickly detained by the border patrol… but not before she could facepalm herself for the choice of the location.


By driving a jeep over the fence

Crossing US Borders - Using a Jeep
But A-Team did it just fine!!!

Mexicans love their rides, or so it seems. In an attempt which seemed to be taken out of the Wile-E-Coyote’s notebook, two smugglers (or migrants) decided that the best way to enter into the States was by constructing their own friggin road.

Ignoring the laws of physics and the basic rule of camouflage, they chose to set up a makeshift ramp through which they drove their jeep. The plan worked until physics decided to play spoilsport, leaving the jeep in a state of see-saw. The jeep was quickly abandoned making it the only car ever to be placed on the fence of a border, if only for a while.

Maybe next time, don’t base your judgement on cartoons.


By posing as US Marines

Crossing US Border - dressed as US military
Each of these uniforms have the nametag of ‘Perez’. Move on… Nothing suspicious over here, just all the Perezs of the army taking a ride together.

At this point of time, one might give up on the idea of crossing the US border. But then, who would test out the mad ideas of the smugglers and give the border patrol agents their daily comic relief.

The smugglers tried guising each of the 13 immigrants with Marine uniforms, and using a fake license plate of the government to get them across. While in theory, this has to be the best idea we have come across… but the tiny detail which they missed out proved to be their demise.

No… it was not the ethnicity of the people which made the agents suspicious. It was their name tags, each of which was inscribed with the name “Perez”. That’s right, either thirteen “Perez” of the military took part in the travel or the smugglers just wanted to be “smug” about their act which backfired badly.


By becoming part of the car

Crossing US Border - Illegal immigrants using car seats
The perfect way to score second base!

Perhaps they were doing it wrong, maybe it’s not about who you are, but rather what you become. Instead of paying attention to philosophical meaning of the phrase, the traffickers decided that the best way to get someone across was by implanting them as part of the car itself.

It was either this or they just got greedy and wanted the “chair” to accommodate one more. Either way, it didn’t work due to a) The agents didn’t believe in latest technology of breathing and moving chairs and b) there hasn’t been a ghost chair movie to date to instill that fear. Which is not to say that the smugglers didn’t try again.

Crossing US Border - in the dashboard of the car
You meanies… in our country, checking the dashboard is considered rude.

And then again

Crossing US Border - in the hood of a car
The man wasn’t able to “Dodge” it

Maybe, in some part of Mexico, these smuggling gangs are sipping their mojitos and brainstorming on the next “killer” idea for their customers.

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Yes, people can be crazy. Check these peeps out who did crazy things for money!

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