7 Amazing Facts About Fashion Trends Which Are Unbelievable

Change is the only constant thing in fashion and the past proves it. We bring to you the best facts on fashion trends which will leave you stunned in disbelief.


Corsets caused deaths yet remained popular

Corsets were a fashion statement in the Victorian era. Women usually wore them to achieve an hourglass figure. They were really popular and are thought to be one of the first mass-produced garments for women. While they made the girl look great, they also had the minor side-effect of squashing ribs and displacing organs.

To be fair, people did conduct studies and published articles about the dangers of wearing corsets at that time. However, they were quickly discredited. Most probably, by men who wanted to get rid of their wives without causing any suspicion.

Fashion Trends - Corsets causing squashing of ribs
Intestines are overrated anyway

Ongoing Hitler fashion in Thailand

The schools in Thailand must be doing something wrong as Hitler has become a fashion statement in the country. Something that even Hitler in his best days wouldn’t have thought about.

Apparently local vendors selling the merchandise know about Hitler’s history. Yet, they continue to sell them as they think that “he looks funny.” It also doesn’t help that these shirts are very popular with young people. It doesn’t stop there. Thailand also has Nazi themed parties and celebrations.

Thailand is aware of the problem and is trying to educate its citizens on the Holocaust. But, for the time being, the Nazi chief seems to be winning.


People applied lead on faces to look ‘White’

If you think that fashion is getting insane nowadays, then you might want to look at ancient Greece. Where the people applied lead to their face to look hip and white.

You read that right… Greek people used to apply lead to their faces to lighten their complexion and improve the color / texture of the skin. Since lead caused skin ruptures (and occasional madness), the only way to not look like walking dead was to put more lead on your skin when the side effects surfaced. Think inception ancient Rome style.


Levis jeans were invented to help miners

Levi Strauss, like many others, rushed to California during the gold rush. He also carried several rolls of canvas, some to use for setting up his tent and the rest to sell to other travelers. However, Strauss soon saw the potential of making affordable and durable pants, when he heard several miners complain about pants not lasting long enough in the mines.

Realizing that a business could be made out of it, he gave the cloth to a tailor and asked him to create pants from it, which he then sold to some miners. Word soon spread of the Levi’s pants and Levi’s Jeans came into existence.

This is also the reason for their original logo to have two horses pulling the jeans apart, indicating the strength of the Levi’s Jeans. By 1950, Levi’s had sold around 95 million jeans… thus what started as a necessity, became a must-have fashion trend.


Unibrows were considered sexy

In Ancient Greek and Rome, unibrows was regarded as a sign of intelligence and great beauty in women. They had even developed a cosmetic to give girls an artificial unibrow. Maybe the ‘Lead Makeup’ really did drive them insane. Lucky for us all, times have really changed now.


Men used to Wear Heels

Quick, imagine someone wearing high heels. We are sure that whoever you imagined belongs to the prettier gender. But, in reality, it was men who started the fashion of high heels. At first, they were a necessity and were used as riding gear. Wearing them helped the ‘bow and arrow’ man to secure his stance while riding the horse.

Though soon after, high heels became a fashion trend in Persia (modern day Iran). The high heels fashion was then picked up by Western Europe as they were considered to give a man some masculine edge at that time.


Pink was the Color associated with Boys

Fashion Trends - Men wore pink
Pink because it belongs to boys. That hat and the earrings, though, are just my idea of looking gorgeous

Ask a girl about her favorite color and her reply would be ‘pink’ while boys would go for ‘blue’. However, these colors were not always associated with their specific genders. In fact, pink used to be the color of the boys until the 1940s as it was considered more sharp and distinct. Not surprisingly, blue was associated with girls during the time.

Nobody knows how or why the switch occurred but it just did and the boys got the color which is liked by both genders while the girls got the color which is hated by all adults of either gender.

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