6 Insane Prison Escapes Too Unrealistic Even For Hollywood

Prison escapes are always an interesting read. There is something in them which appeals to our inner self and we often find ourselves rooting for the bad guy. We bring to you the best breakout stories that appear to bend reality and achieve success, even when the odds are stacked against them.


Escaping Nazi Camps using Cigarette Butts

70 years back George Ginzburg was a prisoner in one of the Nazi camps where he saw his fellow prisoners getting killed every day. Moreover, 200 people had died in his camp just from hunger. He knew he had to do something before he got killed too.

He saw the perfect opportunity when the Nazi army planned to relocate prisoners to another camp. To do so, he rubbed cigarette butts (which he had collected over time) over his entire body. He also covered a stick with a blanket making it look like a concealed gun. He then proceeded to ask a guard for a light, all the while pretending to be an officer.

Once the guard left his post to obey his ‘officer,’ he made a run towards the forest. Sniffing dogs were released after him, but the smell of cigarettes concealed his scent. George later ended up passing a Russian convoy. They gave him supplies and released him after a series of interviews. George, now 92, still gets tremors thinking of the camp days.


By Using Food Slot of Prison Cell

Prisons around the world are planning to give yoga classes to inmates. But maybe they should check the story of a Korean prisoner, Choi Gap-bok before proceeding forward.

Choi escaped through the food slot in his cell, which is size of three pizza boxes stacked on top of each other. He attributes this to mastering yoga which gave him extra flexibility. To put this into perspective, understand that he was a regular thin Joe and not impoverished.

The doctors still can’t believe that any adult can squeeze out of this small opening. It is believed that Choi applied lubricant over his body which helped him in getting out. And he did it in just 34 seconds! No wonder Choi’s name has “Gap” in it.


Serially Breaking out of Prison Using Different Identities

Steven Jay Russell is a con artist who is serving 144 years in prison. Out of those, 99 are because of the multiple prison breaks.

Russell made his first escape by disguising himself as a guard using civilian clothes and a walkie talkie. When he was arrested again, he collected green highlighted markers to dye his dress in green color and escaped posing as a doctor.

He kept on escaping prisons by using various disguises. One time, he smuggled a typewriter, faked his medical records and posed as an AIDS patient to get out of prison. And later returned to the facility posing as a Judge to free his lover. After his last escape stint which failed… He was placed in a secure cell with 23 hours of solitary confinement.


By Impersonating Undercover Agent

We all have seen the movie “Catch me if you can,” but what will astonish you is that the movie left out few details as they considered them to be too unreal for the movie. Frank Abagnale Jr., the guy who traveled the world by conning people, was also responsible for one of the boldest prison breakouts when he was caught.

During that time, US prisons were already under pressure from civil rights groups and were getting investigated. This, combined with misplaced detention paper, gave Frank the perfect opportunity to bluff. And gain extra privileges by posing as an undercover prison inspector.

Frank being Frank, then took it a step farther and arranged fake visiting cards. He then told the staff that he needed to talk to Sean, an ‘FBI agent’ about urgent matters and handed the officers the forged card. The number on which was of his friend, who confirmed about Frank’s undercover identity to the cops. He was then allowed to meet this agent unsupervised and simply chose to not return.


Only Person who was able to get Parole because of Prison Break

30 years ago, Susan was arrested in Detroit for selling drugs (which she swears she didn’t). She pled guilty due to a shady prosecutor and the false promise that the judge is on it and she will be given probation. Susan quickly realized that pinky swears are not a legal contract and found her serving 20 years for a crime she didn’t commit.

Having lost all the respect for the legal system, Susan, 21 at that time, broke out of prison by jumping over the wall. She moved to California and started a new life as Marie, got married and had a great life. Till one fine day when the law caught up and she was arrested for being a wanted fugitive.

But things were different now… Susan had money, a great lawyer and a lesson of not making any deals with the prosecutor. She was thus able to get her sentence reduced to just probation. Maybe Susan gave every convict in this list the false hope that if they keep on breaking out, then someday… the law might become tired and leave them alone.


The Man who is Hellbent on using Helicopters for Escapes

Pascal Payet is a French born notorious criminal who is an expert in flying out of prison. Serving his sentence for murder and loot, Payet escaped after only 2 years in custody. He used a chopper for the job and even flew one of the other inmates out. He was later caught but managed to escape again using a helicopter, again taking an inmate with him… maybe, it was a coupon scheme.

Pascal was once again captured after a year and this time he was given a 42-year sentence for all his ordeals. The authorities kept on moving him to make sure he didn’t escape this time. However, 9 transfers in 3 years didn’t deter Pascal and he once again broke out of prison. You know what he used to escape this time? Yep! A helicopter.

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