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6 Bully Stories With Great Comebacks

Today marks the beginning of Bully Prevention Month and we thought that there is nothing better to kickstart this day than to cover bully stories. However, we wanted to introduce a twist in covering these stories… so instead of showing you the terrible impact of bullies, we decided to present the stories which had a happy end for the victims.


Bus Monitor who was brought to Tears by School Kids

Karen Klein from Greece, NY was a bus monitor who was fat shamed by a bunch of school kids. You could imagine how easy it would have been for her to yell on the kids teasing her considering she was the bus monitor, yet she choose to not react. Though she cried through the entire ordeal, she made sure that she maintained her calm and constantly advised those kids to be nice.

To show off to his social circle, the kid filming the video posted it on his Facebook page. Not surprisingly, the video went viral but not in the way the kid expected it to be. People got together and started an online funding on Indiegogo which raised $187k in just 24 hours and ended up accumulating $703k in a month.

The kid in a strange way helped start the foundation against bullies by being a bully himself, as Karen used most of the money to start an Anti-Bullying Foundation. Ohhh… and Karen also treated herself to a well-deserved Caribbean Cruise vacation.

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The Bully whom the Internet decided to Bully

Bully stories - Casey Heynes (Right) was getting teased and bullied by Richard Gale (Left) and he chose to fight back.
Richard Gale, The accused Bully (Left) and Casey Heynes (Right)

This comes from Australia and teaches a great lesson to all the bullies. Richard Gale learned the hard way what happens when you pick up a fight with a person twice your size. Richard was a bully who kept on harassing Casey Heynes during school. One day, when Richard took it a bit too far, Casey picked him and slammed him on the ground.

The video made Casey a hero in Australia and Richard learned how it feels when the internet decides to bully the bullier. While Richard’s father has been apologetic about the incident and accepts fault, Richard doesn’t feel sorry about his deeds and instead blames Casey as the one who instigated it. This kid just doesn’t know when to accept the lie when you are caught on camera.



Awesome Dad of a Bully made sure to Drive the Point Home

Kayden Robenhorst is a 13-year-old was a school bully. When his dad, Timothy found about his ordeals, he decided to teach Kayden a lesson himself. Timothy surprised Kayden by waking him up at 4 AM, making him do a run, 60 push-ups and gardening chores in freezing 32 F temperature.

He then made Kayden hold up a banner outlining the punishments and posted it on his Facebook timeline. While many have criticized the dad for delivering an eye-for-an-eye justice, it does seem to have worked as Kayden now regrets his acts and even praises his dad for making him realize what he was doing was wrong.



The Four Year Old apt reply to Bullies

This four-year-old Siahj ‘Cici’ Chase had a witty reply to a bully from her school. When a boy taunted her by telling that she looks ugly, the cute little girl chose to reply rather than feel sorry for herself. This simple one-liner has more power than any amount of words we write about it, so instead we will just let the video do the job.



The Courageos Boy who made sure that his Bullies are Reported

Nadin Khoury is a 13-year-old boy who was badly beaten up by 7 of his classmates, he was kicked, dragged in snow and hanged on to a fence. Despite the threats by the Bullies, Nadin was brave enough to come forward and report the incident to the Police who have taken all the 7 bullies into custody.

As the news of Nadin’s ordeal went viral, several people stepped forward to make sure that the kid doesn’t go through any more suffering. Nadin was invited to ABC’s morning news show where his favorite NFL player greeted him and even gifted him a jersey from Philadelphia Eagles. While getting a jersey isn’t a big deal for us, it makes all the difference to a young teen, especially when the jersey is off his favorite team.



The Girl who Stood Up to his Bully

Louisa Manning was constantly called “manbeast” by class bullies and their leader. This made Louisa life’s so miserable that she literally starved herself to get into shape. Fast forward 10 years and the bully leader asks her out for a dinner date, not recognizing her as the same person he had teased a long while back.

Louisa agreed to the date but instead of having a dinner, she asked the waiter to give this old bully a letter and her old picture. The witty letter and Louisa story made sure that the internet remembers her forever as the ‘Girl who stood up to her Bully’.

Bully stories - Louisa Manning reply letter to her tormenter when he asked her out for a date after 10 years.
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Which one of these moved you. Do let us know in the comments below.

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