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20 Incredibly Moving Pictures Of The Past That Shook The World

Pictures are an extremely powerful way of expressing emotions. No wonder, they are often used to portray the extent of brutality or the gruesomeness of an event. We bring to you the most moving pictures of the past century which helped shape the world we live in.


The Next Day after The Titanic Sank

Front page of NY Times on Apr. 12th 1912 reporting of Titanic sinking
The front page of NY Times reporting about Titanic in 1912.

Fear of Spanish Flu or Influenza

People wearing masks during Spanish Flu
Spanish Flu killed between 20 to 40 million people within 2 years. This Family photo depicts the fear people had for the Flu.

Great Britain on Strike

Whole of Great Britain went on Strike for 9 days
Whole of Great Britain went on strike for 9 days in 1926.

Inside the Nazi’s Gas Chamber

Walls of gas chambers
Walls of the gas chamber showing how desperately the victims would have been scratching the walls as they died inside. The photo was clicked in 1993.

The Photo which sealed the Future of Airship Travel

Passenger airship got destroyed due to fire in less than a minute killing 36 passengers
The Hindenburg disaster of 1937 which closed the entire airship travel industry for good. The airship was destroyed in less than a minute killing 36 passengers.

People taking Desperate Measures during The Great Depression

Lady selling children during the great depression
A family forced to adopt an unorthodox way to ensure their survival in 1939, during the Great Depression. By the end of it, half of the banks had gone bankrupt and 15 million people in the US were left without jobs.

Mass Movement to join the Army after Pearl Harbor

Mass movements to join army after Pearl Harbor
Americans lining up in long queues to join the army after Pearl Harbour was attacked in 1941.

Mass Hanging of Soviet Partisans by Germany

Mass Hanging of Soviet Partisans by Germany
Germany’s brutal approach towards Soviet partisans who tried to fight them through guerrilla warfare in 1943, during WW II.

Older Brother carrying his Dead Sibling

Sorry sight of a young boy carrying his dead brother after Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Boy carrying his dead brother after the atomic bomb strike in 1945 on Japan. The kid refuses to shed even a single tear due to the deeply etched Japanese culture of paying homage to the dead.

The Teenager whose Death started the African American civil movement

Killing of Emmett Till triggered the African American Civil Right movement
Killing of an innocent black teenager by public sparked massive protests and led to the African American Civil Right movement in 1955.

The Dog who died in space under Extreme Duress

Laika was the first dog to be sent to space by Russia
Laika was the first dog to be sent to space by Russia in 1957. There were no provisions to bring the dog home. She died within few hours of the launch, due to overheating. Russia knew that she won’t survive as de-orbiting of the space craft wasn’t invented yet.

Man Immolating Himself in Vietnam

Man Immolating Himself in Vietnam
Thich Quang was a buddhist monk who burned himself to death in 1963. He was protesting the killing of Buddhists by South Vietnamese. The calmness he is showing under fire is greatly unnerving.

Police Operation against Terrorists during Olympics

Munich Masscare 1972
Police trying to get into the hotel room. The terrorists had captured Israeli players and were holding them hostage during 1972 Olympics. Sadly, all the players were killed before the operation could be completed.

US Citizens Scrambling for Gas after Arab Oil Embargo

Arab Oil Embargo caused shortage of Gas in the US
The Arab members placed an oil embargo on America in 1973. This caused shortage of gas as people frantically moved from one gas station to another for a refuel. This embargo shaped the foreign policy for oil in the US which is active till date.

Angry Protesters of Iran taking the US Embassy as Hostage

Angry Protesters of Iran taking the US Embassy as Hostage
52 American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days in US embassy at Tehran. This was in response to the US giving asylum to the Shah of Iran which irked the people of Iran. The movie Argo was based on this event.

Unidentified Kid getting Buried after the Biggest Industrial Disaster

Bhopal Gas Tragedy is often termed as the biggest industrial disaster
Bhopal Gas Tragedy is often termed as the biggest industrial disaster which occurred in India in 1984. The company, Union Carbide were reluctant over the safety of the plant which resulted in the gas leak. Thousands of people, including kids died a slow invisible death while half a million still suffer from the side effect. As for the company, the owner fled to the US and the organization’s name was changed to Eveready. They still continue to operate in India under this name.

The Crater created entirely by Flight Crash

Pan-Am flight which crashed while on its way to Frankfurt in 1988
Pan-Am flight which crashed while on its way to Frankfurt in 1988. The plane dived nose first and wiped out houses, roads among everything else. No one survived the crash.

Man Killed in an Attempt to Cross Berlin War

Peter Fechter, the first man to die for crossing Berlin Wall
Berlin was divided into East and West Berlin by the Berlin Wall, with people on the West side of the wall generally more liberal and modern. This picture is of a man, who was shot and killed by border guards when he tried crossing from East Berlin to the West. The man was identified as Peter, he was the first man who became the victim of the brutal division. The wall was taken down in 1989.

Vulture waiting for the Kid to Die

Moving Pictures Silent Famine Sudan
This heart breaking picture was taken in Sudan during the famine of 1993. The girl was trying to make it to the food station while the vulture was waiting for the girl to die. The photographer was criticized for not helping the girl and he committed suicide soon afterward due to depression.

Rwanda Genocide killed almost a Million

Moving Pictures Rwandan Genocide
Rwandan Genocide in 1993 took the life of almost a million people. It was the worst civil war the world had ever experienced. The death toll was so high that they ran out of space to store them… Forcing people to stack skulls and bones on top of each other.

Lot of terrible things have happened in the past… and continue to happen. Here are some evil things done by terrible companies!

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