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These 17 OCD Fails Would Make You Mad

We are far away from being a perfectionist but there are somethings which even rings our OCD bells. So we thought…. why not pass the trouble to our users… yes, you! So here’s the deal, if you are a little bit OCD centric (and we mean even a whisker) then it’s best to close this page and move on.

But who are we kidding! The OCD in you will never let that happen, so let’s move to the runner-ups before closing this article with the #1 to ensure that you get today’s dose of nightmare from us!


Show about a perfectionist… with a not so subtle “imperfection”


“This is not tetris!” – said everyone!


Ha… they will never be together


When the work goes to a colorblind contractor… Meanwhile current OCD level: 99999


Center finger to the employee who did this!


Your only option is to eat those 12 cakes to correct the flaw… or you could simply ignore it!!!


Imagine seeing this everytime you went to the bathroom to do your business! Would you be able to?


And “Saw” said “let’s play a game,” a very cruel impossible type of a game!


 This is not an apartment… it’s an abomination!!!


Followed by the path to hell…


My appetite just died, for like… forever!!!


Why haven’t they fired the architect already


Company invokes the inner OCD in us and forces us to buy the cube regardless of the need


You sir are twisted! Whoever you are!


Why… Why would you do this, no I can’t live with this… please redo it again… pls… pls.


Ahhh…. so close and yet so far!!!


Now that’s perfect… oh wait, the second and third are of the same color… Ohhh! Damn you, damn you all!

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