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16 Crazy Inventions Which Begs The Question Why

Inventions do not often go as planned, but there are times when you question the inventor intent more than the product itself. Here’s a peek of what happens inside the mind of these ‘geniuses’… along with the crazy inventions they have unleashed upon the world.


Noodle fan

Noodle fan
Because blowing from the mouth should be reserved for only one thing.

Pet Rock

Pet Rock comes with Instruction manual as well.
Perfect for people looking for well-trained pets who never ask for treats and doesn’t dirty the house. Comes with instructions too.

Fake A Baby

Fake a baby
Useful for all women who don’t want to commute standing.

Sleep Safe Tape

Sleep Safe Tape
Wonder if the cops are using this more often than not?

Head Remote Stand

Head remote stand comes with a head band
Comes at the cost of losing all your friends.

Car Exhaust grill

Car Exhaust grill
Side effect includes inhaling carbon monoxide, burning your hand while detaching it and looking creepy.

Umbrella Tie

Umbrella tie
Because it may rain in the office too.

Weener Cleaner

Weener Kleener
While we are at it… let’s also invent an armpit cleaner and butt cleaner to increase the awkwardness for anyone using the washroom.


Fundies can fit in two individuals in them
Obsessed with being with your partner all the time? Want everybody to say that you are inseparable? Why are you still reading this then, go ahead buy it and freak your partner out forever.


Cupholder attaches to end of the table
Or you can just use the table.

Hair Stockings

Hair Stockings were designed to prevent rape in China
Because why the hell not?

Baby Mop

Baby mop cleans the floor when an infant wearing it crawls on it
Make the baby earn their food.


Belfie is designed to allow you taking your butt's selfie
My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun.

Cigarette Holder for two

Cigarette Holder for two
Combine this with Fundies and you have a gift for the ‘Perfect Couple’.

Ctrl Alt Del Stick

Control Atl Delete Stick
When you are writing something, you just have to stop, look for this tool, align it to the buttons and press them… It’s way easier.

Diet Water

Diet water is sold in Japanese markets
The only diet product missing now is ‘Diet Air’. We call dibs on patenting and selling that.

What are some of the crazy inventions you have come across? Do let us know in the comments below.

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