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16 Coolest Selfies Ever Taken

We all try to come up with the coolest selfies and often fail. But not these peeps, who have taken the self portrait to another level. As always, #1 takes the gold but first… the runner-ups.


Selfie while balancing

Coolest Selfies - Walking over the waterfall
Over the waterfall selfie of Travis Burke, who sold everything to live a life as a traveller, living in a van and taking cool selfies.

Selfie with a Lion

Coolest Selfies - With a Lion
Selfie taken with a GoPro cam.

Selfie on top of a tall building

Coolest Selfies - Russian daredevil on top of a building
Russian photographer Kirill Oreshkin is known for taking insane selfies.

Selfie in front of a volcano

Coolest Selfies - Volcano selfie
Girl takes a selfie in front of a volcano lava at Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.

Skydiver selfie

Coolest Selfies - Skydiver
Extreme selfie taken by a skydiver.

Under the sea selfie

Coolest Selfies - Underwater with a turtle
Gary Brennand, 48, from Australia has been taking underwater photos for more than a decade.

Motocross selfie

Coolest Selfies - Motocross
Dirt bike racer taking an extreme selfie.

Fighter Pilot selfie

Coolest Selfies - F 16 fighter jet
F 16 fighter pilot taking a selfie while going to ground and releasing flares.

Deadly selfie

Coolest Selfies - During a bull race
A runner at Running of the bulls attempts to take a selfie.

Roller coaster selfie

Coolest Selfies - Rollercoaster ride
Student takes a selfie while on a roller coaster.

Selfie through sunglasses

Coolest Selfies - Through the sunglasses
Cool selfie taken through the sunglasses.


Coolest Selfies - Top of the cliff
Selfie taken at Tongyeong Island Mountain in Korea.

Selfie at 6,500 feet

Coolest Selfies - Skydiver at 6500 feets
Selfie taken by Lauren Newell at 6,500 feet.

Selfie under the wave

Cool Selfies - Underwater selfie
Chase Olson duck dives under a wave to take a selfie.

Colorful selfie

Cool Selfies - Colorful selfie
Colorful selfie taken using a selfie stick at a musical festival.

Coolest selfie ever

Cool Selfies - Jet over a football stadium
Fighter pilot takes a selfie after doing a flyover at a US College Football game.

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Which of these coolest selfies appealed to you the most? Check out these Vintage selfies before you decide!

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