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14 Vintage Selfies Taken Before You Were Even Born

The term ‘Selfie’ was added to Oxford dictionary in 2013, but it doesn’t mean that this style of taking pictures is recent. In fact, selfies have been popular throughout the history. Below are the vintage selfies of various people who took them without iPhone filter and still made them look good.


Down Top Selfie

Vintage Selfies - First Selfie of full body
Willi Ruge, German Photojournalist taking a down-top selfie in 1927.

George Harrison ‘Beatles’ Selfie

Vintage Selfies - George Harrison of Beatles taking a selfie
George Harrison, the lead guitarist for the Beatles taking a pinhole selfie during his India trip in 1966.

Skyscraper Selfie

Vintage Selfies - Attempting to take a dangerous selfie
Charles Ebbets Clyde, an American Photographer who was famous for taking extremely dangerous selfies between 1920’s to 1930’s.

One of the First Outdoor Selfie

Vintage Selfies - First Outdoor selfie
One of the first outdoor selfies ever taken by using huge mirror to catch the reflection.

The First Creative Selfie

Vintage Selfies - Selfie with infinite loop
Vivian Maier, American street photographer making use of mirrors to create the first infinite loop selfie.

Neil Armstrong Selfie

Vintage Selfies - Neil Armstrong Selfie
Neil Armstrong taking a picture of himself.

The First Lesbian Couple Selfie

Vintage Selfies - Lesbian Selfie
Probably the first lesbian lover selfies ever taken.

Space Selfie

Vintage Selfies - Astronaut taking a selfie
James McDivitt, Ed White walking in space over Hawaii, Gemini 4, June 1965.

The First Ever Selfie Stick

Vintage Selfies - First Selfie stick
Selfie from 1925 showing the photographer using a selfie stick. Ugh… Selfie Sticks are so 1900s.

Jet Fighter Selfie

Vintage Selfies - Jetfighter Selfie
A self-portrait of Dutch photographer, Frits Rotgans in a jet fighter in 1966.

Kennedy Selfie

Vintage Selfies - Kennedy family selfie
Jackie Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy and John F. Kennedy in 1954.

Mirror Selfie

Vintage Selfies - Mirror Selfie
Woman taking a mirror selfie around the 1940s.

Parachuter Selfie

Vintage Selfies - Selfie on a Parachute
Terry Fincher taking a daring selfie taken in 1966.

Probably The First Selfie Ever!

Vintage Selfies - First Selfie to be taken
Group of 5 photographers taking the first group selfie in NYC around 1920.

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If you like selfies, here are some of the coolest selfies ever taken!

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