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13 Close Calls GIFs Of The Luckiest People

These peeps came out unscathed from major accidents because of sheer luck or superhuman agility. Below are the 13 close calls gifs of the luckiest people of this planet which proves that some humans have 9 lives as well!!!


Walking Dead!!!


Those reflexes saved him!


Karma warning!


That pilot is so fired


Crocodile thinking – What a tease!


But… why??

Close Calls - The speeding tank hits the brake and comes to a standstill just inches away from a number of people.

Mad Skills


Dad to the rescue

Close Calls - The little girl loses control of her bicycle and is about to crash into a parked car when her father appears and saves her by superhuman reflexes.

Cool as a cucumber…


Death whispering… no, not your time yet!


Omg, I just died… Meh!!! Let me take a snap.


Spiderman in real life!!!

Close Calls - The guy pulls a spiderman and lands atop of the car he crashed his bike on.

This guy (hero!) who risked it all for the kitten…

Close Calls - The man dodges a car, a bike and does some excellent parkour to save the poor kitten stuck on the road.

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And not every is as lucky as peeps in these gifs, these unlucky people would make you believe in destiny!

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