12 Weird Laws Around the World Which Are Insane

Laws are created to make sure that we behave in a civilized way. Apparently, the rules don’t apply to these laws around the world. Either someone forgot about them or they really have no idea where to even start the amendment process from. These weird laws are among the crazies, the hilarious and plenty of ‘doesn’t make sense in 21st century’ laws you will ever stumble upon.


It’s Illegal to Divorce in the Philippines

Thinking of getting married and live in Philippines? Then make sure it’s the right partner because you will never get to choose again. Marriage laws here do not give the return option, to the extent that it is illegal to get divorced in this country. Philippines along with the Vatican City are the only two countries remaining in the world to have this law.

The only loophole out of this law exists only for Muslims. Due to this, non-Muslim couples usually prefer to live separately if they do not like each other with their fate sealed forever on re-marriage.


It’s Illegal to Not Visit or Take Care of Parents in China

With China’s population aging at a fast pace, they have made it mandatory for young adults to visit and take care of their old parents. Parents can even go to the court and ask their kids to be punished if they don’t visit them enough. Come on China! You are replacing Japan in weird. In any case, it’s not taking care of someone if the person is not there out of love but because of an obligatory court order.


It’s Illegal to Shag in Public Places (Sane) and carries Death Penalty (Insane) in Indonesia

That’s right, the punishment for public masturbation is decapitation in Indonesia. Though Saudi Arabia is not far behind as a public masturbation over there can get you 300 lashes and 3 years of jail time.

While these countries are busy mending out brutal punishment for this deed. Sweden, on the other hand, has gone ahead and ruled that public masturbation is legal in their country provided that you don’t direct it at someone specific.


It’s Illegal to Commit a Crime without informing the Police in Washington, US

This is the taking weird laws to a new high. In Washington, it’s required by law to stop at city limits and telephone the chief of police if you have criminal intentions. As expected, this hasn’t really solved the crime rate of the city as it turns out that criminals are dishonest as well. Who would have thought that they would be liars as well!


It’s Illegal to Share your Netflix Password in Tennessee, US

Ok, this one seems morally right. You pay the company to have an account and you can’t just go ahead and share that information with all your friends and family and ruin their business. So, what is the penalty? Do you have to pay a fine or are you blocked from the site? Nope, it invites jail time in Tennessee if you are ever caught along with all the above penalties.


It’s Illegal to Have More than One Kid in China

Around 30 years back, China was stuck with food shortage owing to every family having 4 kids. This led China to implement one kid per couple law which made sense back then but now is just another way by which bribes are taken. Many families hide their children as a result, leading the law to only solve the problem of authorities not able to extract enough money from middle class families.


It’s Illegal to wear Bullet-Proof Vest while Committing Murder in New Jersey, US

One of the weirdest laws in New Jersey states that a person is guilty of a crime if they wear a bullet proof vest while committing a murder among other crimes. By this definition, does the court let you off the hook in a trial by reaching the conclusion of ‘not guilty by being ballsy?’


It’s Illegal to Not Smile in Milan, Italy

If you are having an off day and are in Milan, then suck it up and force a smile as it’s illegal in Milan to not smile. Milan’s law makes it compulsory for citizens to smile at all times or face a hefty fine. Though, funerals and hospital visits are exempt, but a bad day in the office or a break-up doesn’t count as a reason to put up a frowny face.


It’s Illegal to jump off a building (invites Death Penalty) in New York, US

Weird Laws Illegal to jump of a building in NY

You read that right! The penalty for jumping off a building in NY is death, if you survive. Way to go New York, you are awarding the person attempting suicide with what they want in the first place. The only restriction to this law is that the building has to be 50m or taller.


It’s Illegal to leave your House without Underwear in Thailand

Thailand mandates its citizens to always wear an underwear beneath their clothes, even if you are stepping out to take out the trash or just picking up mail. Not sure how the police checks them out, we imagine them looking at everyone’s groin and having an intense debate about it with their partner before proceeding.


It’s Illegal to Rape unless you Wear a Condom in China

This has to be the most offensive law in our list. According to a Chinese law, a person committing a rape isn’t actually committing a rape if he wears a condom.

In one of the famous rape cases in China where a local government employee allegedly raped a school teacher. Police found a used condom at the crime scene nailing the case but had to let the criminal walk away since by definition it was no longer a rape.


It was Illegal to Marry Non-Virgin Wives in Brazil

Until 2002, a Brazilian man could file for annulment of marriage within 10 days if he found out that his wife had had sex before marriage. And this comes from a country famous for sex fest during Rio de Janeiro carnivals.

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Which law shocked you the most? Or do you know other crazy ones which we missed?

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