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12 Unexplainable Pics That Will Make You Question Reality

Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. While we would all dismiss the pics below as photoshopped, they are in reality untouched. Here are the best unexplainable pics that caught our attention… Along with how they ended up looking so unrealistic.


Flying Car

No, It’s not a special effect scene of Back to the Future IV, though shout out if you want the movie to happen. This Mercedes driver had his foot stuck between brake pedal and the accelerator as he tried to reverse his car on the 7th floor of a multi-story parking lot. The rest… is internet history.



Arm Strong

Clearly, the guy goofed up while using smudge. Actually, This is Matthias Schlitte who has a rare genetic condition which makes his right arm have 33% more muscles than the left one. Good news is that it allowed Schlitte to win many arm wrestling competitions.




What looks like a rough draft scene from Wall-E is actually the city – Manshiyat Naser of Egypt. People here live in extreme poverty, they make a living by going through the garbage and finding sellable items. A documentary named Garbage Dreams has been made on the city.



Copy and Paste

Apparently, Japanese people organized group orgy involving 250 couples to achieve a world record. Way to go Japan, you keep on surprising us whenever we turn a blind eye on you.



It’s a Camera Trick

No, it’s not. This is a construction worker (of many!) stopping for a lunch break in NYC. Not many safety rules were there for these peeps back then. Probably, applying for this job also required having balls of steel in 1930.



The Bat is Closer in the Perspective

Actually, this is one pic which we wished was photoshopped. But, nature is out to kill us with this giant bat found in Indonesia. Scientists were forced to name it golden-crowned flying fox, most probably because they couldn’t come to terms with calling this a Bat. It is the largest known bat, has 5-foot wingspan, no tail and weighs up to 2.6 lbs.



Marvel’s making Bee Man to break Ant Man Records

Close Enough… ‘She Ping’ and not ‘Marvel’ is trying to break the world record by covering himself with 331,000 bees. She Ping, the man (irony!), has to break the record of 600,000 bees to get into Guinness book.



Great! Another Life Size Barbie Promotion

Believe us when we tell you that this isn’t a doll. Instead, she is Valeria Lukyanova, a girl dedicated to looking like Barbie by countless surgeries and makeup. Apparently, that is a fetish and there are other girls who try to transform themselves as well. Though no one is even close to beating Valeria when it comes to this talent.



Did we lose Gravity for a Day?

Umm… no, This is a picture of an actually chair which was sent to space by Toshiba. In order to promote their cameras, they sent a normal living room chair to 30 km into the atmosphere using a simple helium balloon and clicked the unclickable.



Tap pulling out David Blaine

No, the tap is not inspired from David Blaine, Instead, the water column pipe runs through the water stream and serves the dual purpose of taking the water up as well as supporting the tap.



Somebody really hates Reading up There

This is an art structure in Spain which is trying to prove a point. We just don’t know what the point is… Is it telling us to throw all our books? or maybe the house never liked books, has become sentinel and is just puking them all out?



1550 Chairs

We just couldn’t get ourselves to make fun of this image. It’s an art installation by Doris Salcedo. Contains 1550 chairs between two buildings. The artist made this bold art to pay homage to those killed in Istanbul in a failed guerrilla coup seventeen years earlier.

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Which of these pictures amaze you the most? Do let us know in the comment below.

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