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12 Funny Craigslist Posts We Bet You Haven’t Seen Before

We have all seen the weird side of Craigslist at some point or the other in our life. However, we bet that these posts are the funniest of them all which you may have missed. They will question reality and make you wonder whether these people really exists. The last one will send you in a frenzy but before that, the honorable mentions.


I Do Anything


Love Stinks


Drop Dead

Funny Craigslist Posts - Random stranger explaining a drunk mother and daughter who got their picture clicked with dead man

Marty… Are you Listening?

Craigslist Post Ad - Man wants a time machine to go back in time and escape the STD girlfriend

Easy Money

Funny Craigslist Posts - Guy willing to pay anybody who can infect him with common cold by sneezing all over him

He wants to Steal your Heart Too

Funny Craigslist Posts - Thief asking the girl out after robbing her



Brownie Points?


PG 13 Hitman


Next Time… Pet Him More


Paying Respect to the Bed?

Craigslist Post Ad - Lady posting to find out whether she made out with her cousin on her uncle's funeral or not

Multipurpose Bracelet

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Which of these Ads were you unaware of? Do let us know in the comments below.

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