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12 Extremely Hilarious Examples of Parking Revenge

31% of road rage offenders express their anger by either swearing or shouting. Ever wondered what the rest 69% people were up to? We came up with the best parking revenge stories that are as hilarious as they are frustrating for the offenders. Better not to piss these people off or face the most creative punishments ever.


This guy’s ego is as big as the parking lanes his car occupies


We have allocated this space permanently for you


Happy Birthday to your car, now light up one of the candles


Car owner kicked street dog, he returned with his pack to seek revenge


There is no ‘i’ in Team, just 5 synchronized car parking


Revenge can be sarcastic as well


Birds can team up to mend out punishment


In Russia, Parking Revenge is hard labor and pink paint


Entire neighborhood got a crane to accomplish this revenge


You park on my space then be prepared to never drive again


He fired his chauffeur who took his revenge through a brilliant parking


This one takes the cake, Kudos to the girl to think on her feet

Do let us know which one cracked you up in the comments below.

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