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12 Coolest Bus Stops Which Will Make You Take The Public Transport

These coolest bus stops make waiting and using public transport a lot more fun. There’s no surprise that the people using public transport went up in these areas as soon as they became operational. The winner is in the end, but first, the runner ups…


Decorated bus stop at Shetland Island, Scotland

Coolest Bus Stops - Bobby's bus shelter in Shetland Island, Scotland is fitted with a computer
Bobby’s bus shelter in Shetland Island, Scotland has a microwave, carpet, a computer, a telephone and an impressive decor.

Bus stop with a hammock in Vancouver, Canada

Coolest Bus Stops - Hammock bus stop in Vancover, Canada
A bus stop in Vancouver is fitted with a hammock and is next to a lake making waiting seem like relaxation.

Bus stop for weight watchers in Amsterdam, Netherland

Coolest Bus Stops - fitness bus stop record weights in Amsterdam
The fitness bus stop in Amsterdam displays the weight of the person sitting on the seat, they do it to encourage folks to join the gym and be healthy.

Hello Kitty bus stop in Manchester, UK

Coolest Bus Stops - In Manchester, is modified in Hello Kitty style
Two artists converted an old bus stop into a girl’s bedroom with disney wallpaper. They did this to protest against the bank bosses in UK, due to whom, many were losing their homes.

Air-conditioned bus stop in Dubai, UAE

Coolest Bus Stops - air conditioned bus top in Dubai
Government in Dubai have installed many bus stops with air conditioning to overcome the heat of Dubai.

Shelter looking bus stop in Austria

Coolest Bus Stops - looks like a shelter in Austrian town
Krumbach, a scenic Austrian town has redesigned all of its bus stops by help of international architects.

Heated bus stop in Minneapolis, US

Coolest Bus Stops - in Minneapolis, a bus stop is fitted with heater
It gets chilly in Minneapolis, US. To overcome it, some bus stops are fitted with heaters and the advertisement banner makes it look even better.

Bus stop with a library in Istanbul, Turkey

Coolest Bus Stops - in Istanbul, a library bus stop
To encourage reading, municipal corporations in Istanbul are fitting their bus stops with hundreds of book.

Bus stop with Swing seats in Montreal, Canada

Coolest Bus Stops - in Montreal, a bus stop is fitted with swing seats
To make the wait fun for commuters, Montreal has fitted swings on their bus stops.

Ikea bus stop in Paris, France

Coolest Bus Stops - living room style in Ikea bus stop at Paris
Ikea has converted many bus stops in Paris into a living room. People sit on couches and read books or relax while waiting for the bus.

Coolest bus stop ever in Baltimore, US

Coolest Bus Stops - In Baltimore, creatively says Bus
Artists of Creative Alliance changed a boring bus stop in Baltimore into a creative sculpture.

Really the best bus stop ever…


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