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11 Hot Convicts Whom You Proabably Want To Stay Away From

You would be blown away by the beauty of these hot convicts. Gorgeous, sexy yet deadly in the most literal sense, we have scooped 11 of the hottest convicts for you below.


Breaking and Entering in 42 homes

Stéphanie Beaudoin is the hottie who broke into 42 homes across Canada and has total of 114 charges put on her. Her favorite way to break in was through the backdoor and she usually worked with three underage accomplices – ages 13, 15 and 17. We are sure these kids were there for the girl rather than the items though.



Driving without privileges

Colten was 19 years old when he was busted for driving without privileges, he pled guilty and the 178 days out of the 180 jail term was suspended. Colten’s driving license was suspended and was given 12 month supervised probation. This handsome dude spent 2 days in jail which are 2 too many given his looks and the rise of prison gay culture. He must have regretted every hour of it.



Failure to redeliver the personal prope

Veronica was arrested in Hillsborough, Florida in 2010 and charged with “Failure to redeliver leased personal prope”. Some stories on the internet suggest that she assaulted the police officer with her heels. Finally we have found a girl who doesn’t value her shoes enough.



Possession of marijuana

Lindsey was Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2008 but was stripped of this crown once she got arrested for possession of marijuana and skipping out on a restaurant tab. She was caught as she had forgot her purse in the restaurant and police found marijuana in it. Beauty and brains don’t always go hand in hand.



Arrested for shoplifting

What’s up with these beauty queens, Lorena was Miss El Paso USA  and was arrested for shoplifting. Lorena was arrested for taking a $69 shirt from Dillards. The workers at Dillards told the police that Lorena took the shirt and hid it in a plastic shopping bag before walking out without paying for it. Why? She could have just smiled and asked for it.



Beating her fiancé up

Tori Black is an award-winning porn star who beat her fiance up while being in a drunken state. The couple got into the brawl over their infact’s baby formula. Tori alleges that her fiance told her that she didn’t have “enough breast milk” to feed the baby.



Shooting a stranger

La’Shyla Schoonover was sentenced to 30 years in jail for fatal shooting outside her apartment complex in Forth Worth. This Hawaiian sexy lady fired 12 shots killing Lawrence Gomez, who she did not know. Imagine what would happen if you were the guy breaking up with her.



Possession of controlled substance

This 28 year old bombshell from Texas was arrested on charge of possession of controlled substance. Brenna used to be a bartender before prison, she would have made one hell of a bartender with her killer looks but we guess that she would now be “serving inmates” inside.



Offering sexual services

Toni Lee Hopkins was a hot stripper working at a Men’s Club in Houston, she was arrested for offering sexual services to customers following a raid on the strip club. She doesn’t seem to have any regret about it in her mug shot.



For disorderly conduct

Angela was a former Jet Magazine ‘Beauty of the Week’, arrested for disorderly conduct in DeKalb County, Georgia. Her mug shot had since gone viral, with hundreds of tweeters commenting on her good looks and offering to pay her $360 bail.



For dealing and distributing drugs

Who would believe this cute girl will end up in jail? She has definitely stolen the title of hottest mug shot from Jeremy Meeks. Alysa is from North Carolina and was busted on charges of possession of a schedule IV controlled substance with intent to distribute. Now, why can’t all drug dealers be like this?

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Which of these hot convicts did you find most sexy? Do leave your comments to let us know.

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