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11 Gadgets Of The Past Vs Now

We use gadgets all the time and it’s tough to imagine a life without them or some of the their features. However, not often do we realize how they have drastically changed over the years. We look at the gadgets from yesteryear and compare them with their counterparts now and it’s amazing!


Handheld Gaming Device

Gadgets - Handheld gaming device then Atari Lynx
Gadgets - Handheld gaming device now
Atari Lynx from 1989 | Sony Playstation Portable from 2004


Gadgets - Vinatage Refrigerator then
Gadgets - Refrigerator now
Frigidaire Refrigerator from 1950s | GE French Door Refrigerator from 2014


Amiga Desktop computer in 1992
Gadgets - Desktop now iMac
Amiga desktop computer from 1992 | Apple iMac from 2015

DSLR Camera

DSLR Camera then Asahi Pentax
Gadgets - DSLR Camera now Pentax
Pentax K2 from 1970s | Pentax full frame DSLR from 2015

External Storage

External storage then Floppy disk
Gadgets - External storage now WD My Passport
Floppy disk from 1990s | WD My Passport 1TB Portable External Hard Drive from 2015


Vintage Microwave then
Gadgets - Microwave now
Amana Radar Range Microwave Oven from 1970s | LG Microwave from 2015

Sony Walkman

Sony walkman cassette player
Gadgets - Now, Sony walkman mp3 player
Sony walkman from 1990s | Sony walkman mp3 player from 2015

Smart Watch

Vintage Smart watch then, Casio WR
Gadgets - Smart watch now, Apple iwatch
Casio MQ24 from 1980s | Apple smart watch from 2015

Cell Phone

Nokia 5110
Gadgets - Cellphone in 2015, iphone 6
Nokia 5110 from 1998 | Apple iPhone from 2014

Women Electric Shaver

Retro - Girl electric shaver then in 1970s
Gadgets - Girl electric shaver now
Remington Electric Shaver from 1960s | Remington Electric Shaver from 2015

Television sets

Retro - Television Then in 1980s
Gadgets - Now, LED Tv
Television set from 1980s | LED tv from 2013

We have definitely moved on… Check out these amazing gadgets!

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